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Are you still using Outlook 2007? Why?

Upgrade today and stop putting your business at risk.

Nearly one in six Microsoft® Outlook® users access their email using Outlook 2007 or older versions. Why is 2007 significant? Because the typical lifecycle for Microsoft product support is 10 years, meaning Outlook 2007 are on their own. This means no more security updates, feature updates, bug fixes or technical support.

If you haven’t done so already, here’s why you need to upgrade your outdated software today:

Protect your business from unnecessary security risks.

Using outdated software can expose you, your businesses, and your employees to avoidable risks ranging from software glitches to cyberattacks — and the level of risk increases over time.

Hackers understand that outdated software is a weak point and often exploit it to their advantage. Case in point, earlier this year a bug allowed attackers to execute malicious code through vulnerable versions of Outlook. The users didn’t even need to open an email or click on any content; just viewing the email in the Preview View was enough for the code to be executed. Microsoft quickly patched this bug and Outlook 2016 is fully protected, however with the 2007 version… no such luck.

Improve team productivity.

In addition to security, there are a number of features and productivity enhancements that your teams will find superior to their outdated versions. You’ll also find that Outlook 2016, for instance, is better optimized for mobile devices and screens of all sizes so employees can easily connect from any location and on any device. The user experience has also been improved, including a new ‘Clutter’ feature to help employees prioritize their email inbox.

Reduce time spent troubleshooting.

Your IT department will thank you for making their jobs easier. Once employees are using the latest versions of Outlook and Office, your IT support is likely to see fewer broken Outlook clients and have fewer security breaches to worry about. If you are a small business that doesn’t have an IT department, thinking ahead and protecting your company is likely to save you valuable time and money, not to mention eliminating the headache of dealing with the aftermath of the problem.

Even if you think that your employees are using the latest version – it’s wise to conduct an audit and double check. We commonly find that businesses will have a small number of employees still using outdated software – and all it takes is one person to expose the entire business to risk.

To avoid all of this in the future, we suggest subscribing to Office Apps. For a small and predictable monthly fee, we’ll give you access to all Microsoft Office Apps, including Outlook. And going the subscription route means the end of having to worry about outdated versions because you’ll always have access to the latest versions.

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