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Email Continuity: Your insurance policy against email interruption

In the 24/7 global business environment of today, email access is essential. An email outage for even a few minutes has an immediate and often devastating impact on productivity. Although cloud providers work hard to ensure downtime is minimal, even the best service providers can’t provide 100% uptime. For example, recently Amazon® AWS® and Microsoft® both experienced widespread outages that impacted their users for hours. Because these outages do happen, it is critical all businesses deploy an email “insurance policy” to protect themselves. What does that entail? I’m glad you asked.

To help eliminate the risk of downtime, all businesses should have a redundancy plan to protect themselves with email continuity. Email Continuity helps you eliminate the risk of downtime by providing all users with an emergency mailbox.

Whether you choose to simultaneously purchase Email Continuity and Office 365® or add it to an existing Office 365 account, Email Continuity serves as a safeguard against mailbox outages. Learn more about the benefits of Intermedia Email Continuity and how it enhances your Office 365 deployment.

Email Continuity for Office 365 from Intermedia provides:

  • Full-featured emergency mailbox: Access to 30 days of historical email and attachments, calendar items, tasks and contacts using Outlook Web Access (OWA).
  • Uninterrupted emergency mailbox access: Gives users a full-featured mailbox including, historical email, calendar, tasks, and contacts when their primary mailbox is unavailable.
  • Continuous synchronization: Mirrors email, calendar events, tasks and contacts from the emergency mailbox back to the primary mailbox once service has been restored.


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About Mark Sher

Mark is the Senior Vice President of Unified Communications, Product and Marketing at Intermedia.