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Why You Should Get Certified to Sell Intermedia Unite Right Now

Partner certification programs are certainly not new in the technology sector. Many products and services are complex and require a deeper understanding in order for a partner to appropriately sell, manage and support their client while also maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate. Intermedia, however, didn’t require partners to go through certification in order to sell its products and services. Until now.

With the development and release of our new Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) product, Intermedia Unite™, we were left with a question that could lead to a potential issue: how do we enable the partner community to be successful in this crowded market? Intermedia Unite is not just an upgrade from our previous Cloud PBX offering, but an entirely new all-in-one Unified Communications and Collaboration platform.

Given the solution-oriented nature of UCaaS, we decided early on that it would be important to require our partners to complete a certification training around Intermedia Unite in order to help them achieve success and ensure a better overall selling and buying experience.

A UCaaS competitive edge

The Intermedia Unite Certification is our first certification program and enables our partners to become experts in selling, setting up and supporting our new Intermedia Unite product. The training content is designed to speed up the time that a partner would typically take to become proficient selling a new product.

Completing the program typically takes 2-3 hours and includes helpful videos, job aids, and bite-sized courses. Course topics include:

  • Selling Intermedia Unite to a Customer
  • Using the Pre-qualification Tool
  • Quoting Intermedia Unite for Private Label Resellers
  • Required Account Configuration/Setup Steps for Intermedia Unite
  • Selling Intermedia AnyMeeting®
  • And more…

Plus, all training content is available to our partners and their teams as a resource after completing the certification. So you can easily get new hires trained up quickly and offer refresher training to existing staff at will.

Get certified and get selling

If you are an existing partner, simply log into the Partner Portal and go to Intermedia University. From there, enroll in the Intermedia Unite Certification learning plan, either for our Private Label or Advisor partner models.

Partners that have already gone through certification are quickly seeing success with Intermedia Unite. Chet Lytle, Chairman of The Ideacom Network, has this to say about the experience:

I just completed Intermedia Unite Certification training! Unite is a very exciting and capable platform. The online training was very useful and easy to complete in just a few hours. Within the first few days, we were able to sell and implement Unite with two customers and continue to go strong!

Don’t miss out on the UCaaS market opportunity

Frost & Sullivan expect the UCaaS market to grow significantly over the next several years. Customers are looking for more robust features, flexibility in how they communicate and, above all, reliability. Selling Intermedia Unite, along with Intermedia’s other robust cloud-based products, allows partners to confidently say “yes” to their customers more frequently while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.


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About Cameron Boswell

Cameron is Director of Sales & Channel Readiness at Intermedia