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Intermedia Partner eliminates IT fires for Emergency Communication Commission with the cloud

While many firefighters around the country are volunteers, things operate a bit differently for a Midwest emergency communication commission (ECC). These fire districts are all paid for by the local communities themselves and organized as “fire protection districts.” These firefighters are utilized all over the country, including more than 800 individuals that went to assist FEMA rescue and relief efforts for hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy. These districts all rely on one centralized dispatch facility.

While a typical volunteer-run firehouse may use office systems like Google’s free email accounts to communicate and share department information, these fire protection districts are run like small- to medium-sized businesses with their own budgets, staffing, and jurisdictions; they each require their own internet domain, email, and back-office applications to support better communications and compliance.

When emergencies strike, the last thing this ECC wants to be dealing with is IT problems. They needed an effective, reliable, and compliant email system to facilitate communication for these districts. They were looking to outsource all communications-related services – something they could set and forget.

Enter Intermedia Partner, AGILE Data Sites. AGILE went to work building the ECC a robust public safety network. AGILE built the client a background network by migrating various applications to the cloud. This included Exchange and POP email, archiving, file backup and sharing, video conferencing and cloud servers with remote desktops. AGILE not only provides the best support and Cloud Exchange over its Private Cloud network to the client’s internal staff of 100+ employees, likewise, they offer the same services to all of the ECC’s participating fire protection districts. No more IT fires here.

Want to know the full story? Read the full case study to find out.

Learn how AGILE Data Sites partners with Intermedia to bring reliable cloud email and more to a Midwest Emergency Communication Commission

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