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Intermedia’s HostPilot control panel gets even better

Our HostPilot® control panel gives customers and partners a central hub for managing their Intermedia services, users, mobile devices and more. And now we’re making it even better with a new and improved homepage! Here are a few of the new features and functionality that you’ll experience:

Use shortcuts to easily access frequently performed tasks

We’ve added an array of shortcut buttons to the main navigation area to quickly take you to frequently performed actions like user creation and distribution list management. You can also access account-level functionality such as security policies and billing.

Drag and drop product icons to prioritize frequently-used services

Also in the main navigation area is a module where you can drag and drop icons to create a custom menu of your most frequently used Intermedia services. This will be unique to the preferences of each HostPilot user because each coworker is different.

Access Support and the Knowledge Base right from the home page

The right side of the homepage contains helpful links to make it easy for you to access the Knowledge Base and get support with any issues. You can also open the Support Center to log a support case. We’ve also included links to our Get Started page, application downloads, and advanced Exchange server settings.

Let us know what you think

As always, we’ve made it easy for you to send us Feedback. Just select the orange button in the lower right corner of the screen. We take your comments seriously and use them to help make HostPilot and other Intermedia services even better. So, log in, take a look at the new design, and let us know what you think.

About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia