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Just Call the IT Guy Triples Revenue in Two Years

Partner attributes success to Intermedia’s marketing resources

Just Call the IT Guy “provides everything IT related from cabling to network, security to email” and partners with Intermedia because they can get all the services and support they need from one provider.

Prior to Intermedia, Char Ferguson, the company’s Owner & Partner, was working with 15 different vendors to source their service portfolio – none of which were supporting their marketing needs. Char was stressed out from doing all the company’s marketing efforts herself. There had to be a better way.

Today as an Intermedia partner, Char takes advantage of a vast array of marketing and sales resources. Char shares about her experiences:

  • Customer service: “Not only do we always get a response, but the whole Partner Concierge team knows us by name! And in the rare event that something does go wrong, everyone at Intermedia does all they can to fix the problem right away.”
  • Marketing automation: No more spending weeks developing marketing campaigns. Now, Char launches pre-built branded campaigns in minutes. “Once you create your first campaign, all your information populates every time. It’s so easy to use and we get it for FREE!”
  • Resource library: No more stressing about losing a sale if you can’t answer a customer question. With Intermedia’s resource library, Char has quick and easy access to “the answer to just about anything on the spot.”
  • Intermedia University: “Intermedia University is great because I can go at my own pace in my own time and get my knowledge up to par right away.”
  • Voice quoting tool: “Intermedia’s voice quoting tool has changed everything. It saves a ton of time and closes the deal.”
  • Flexible partner program models: Just Call the IT Guy operates under both Intermedia’s Private Label and Advisor models. “I love the flexibility of being able to operate under both partnership models.”
  • Partner Portal: Provides regular communication of Intermedia’s new service features and planned updates. “With Intermedia, I’m always in the loop.”

Resources are nice, sure, but what impact have all these resources had on their bottom line?

In just two years, Just Call the IT Guy has more than tripled its revenue and is on track to increase its business by 130% year-over-year.

How can Intermedia help you grow your business? Check out the case study to learn what Intermedia resource Char views as her own secret weapon.

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