Make Office 365 a part of your Dream Team

May 9, 2017

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Businesses have a variety of productivity-enhancing applications to choose from, but one stands above the rest: Microsoft® Office 365®. Between its advanced mobility, familiarity, and ease-of-use, Office 365 can help you achieve your business productivity goals. Here’s why you should stop your search and recruit Office 365 as a member of your team:

Reliable access anywhere

Left your laptop at work but need to access a file from home? No problem— Office 365 grants you access to work materials from anywhere, so you can work across multiple devices. This eliminates the worry involved with limited accessibility. In a world of deadlines and instant feedback, real-time access for employees is priceless. Office 365 can be accessible through numerous platforms (e.g., web, desktop or mobile), providing your business with two key assets: mobility and agility. This helps team members work quickly and efficiently, allowing them to create their own personal office wherever they go. 

Unified features

Office 365’s streamlined approach provides users with a suite of seamless features in a familiar, user-friendly environment. By implementing familiar tools, used by nearly 80% of businesses today, Office 365 capitalizes on user familiarity to drive efficiency and minimize IT complexity. After all, the Office 365 team knows that when people are more comfortable with technology, they’re more productive. This is why Office 365 features are consistent across all platforms. Even better, Office 365 includes automatic upgrades, so your technology is always up-to-date with the latest features.

Enhanced security

While other platforms may extract data from commonly used websites to gain customer information for advertising purposes, Office 365 doesn’t partake in data mining, meaning customer data belongs to the customer. You can trust that your information is protected and only being used in a secure, agreed-upon manner.

Office 365’s incident response system detects, analyzes and then contains and eradicates threats. It also analyzes post-incident activity to implement any necessary changes to enhance Office 365’s overall detection process. Additionally, Office 365 offers new security features launching later this year, like threat intelligence, which leverages billions of global data points to gain insight into threats. With this information, the Office 365 team can then identify threats before they severely spread, enabling businesses to stay a step ahead of cybercriminals.

Office 365 is enhanced by supplemental third-party services

Although Office 365 offers numerous productivity, mobility and IT benefits, some businesses will still benefit from additional third-party services that complement Office 365. Focused on enhancing Office 365’s out-of-the-box capabilities, some Microsoft partners such as Intermedia provide a full set of supplemental services tailored for Office 365. Here are a few areas where these partners can help enhance Office 365:

  • Continuity Email continuity is vital for organizations needing to maintain uptime in the event of a cloud outage or natural disasters.
  • Backup Should disaster strike, it’s always good to have a reliable file backup solution. With a backup tool for Office 365, organizations can rest easy knowing their business-critical documents and resources can be restored, should they go missing or be held for ransom.
  • Archiving Large amounts of valuable information is passed back and forth through email each day. Many companies, including those in regulated industries and those seeking to preserve their intellectual property, will benefit by archiving their content in a tamper-proof archive.
  • Encryption Email in transit is vulnerable, especially when it contains sensitive information. Organizations can set policies to automatically deploy encryption by establishing which emails include protected information and which ones don’t—all through pre-built policy templates. This helps minimize the risk involved in exchanging sensitive data over email.

Intermedia’s partnership with Office 365 makes customer service even better by adding the following capabilities:

J.D. Power certified 24/7 IT support— Merging Office 365 with Intermedia’s certified support service ensures that you receive 24/7 support for any questions or concerns related to Office 365. Your account history is available to each member of our support team, meaning each support expert has the needed context to effectively solve your problems and make personalized recommendations. Whenever you have IT- or cybersecurity-related concerns, our experts help troubleshoot and resolve any issues you have in a timely, supportive manner.

Onboarding and migration— In addition to our advanced IT support, Intermedia enhances the Office 365 experience by making your onboarding and migration simple and seamless. This starts with our Cloud Concierge™ experts creating a customized plan to fit your schedule and business needs. Then they expertly move all your data and ensure you are all set up before they consider you migrated. Our team walks you through every step of the way, so even if you’re non-technical, the process is easy and worry-free.

Overall, Office 365 offers a great selection of easy-to-use, mobile tools. But strategic partnerships, like Microsoft’s partnership with Intermedia, can help bolster Office 365 and add multi-layered capabilities, making this powerful suite a great addition to any company’s dream team.



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Mark Sher

Mark is the Senior Vice President of Unified Communications, Product and Marketing at Intermedia.

May 9, 2017

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