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Partner Case Study: Wholesale PC Keeps Client Operational After Blown Transformer

Wholesale PC is a veteran owned and operated company that brings their core values of honor, loyalty, respect and integrity into every business endeavor. For CEO Dan Brewster, this means being able to provide their customers with solid business continuity plans – and it’s a good thing too!

Take this one customer’s story for example. Prior to working with Wholesale PC, its client Bohlke had been working with extremely antiquated equipment. Thankfully, Bohlke brought on Wholesale PC just in time. Dan explains: “We rewired the whole office building, put them on solid state hard drives, including a new server and a new NAS. For more redundancy, we switched them from POP email to Exchange. To enable the ability to share files while having them backed up to the cloud as well, we implemented Intermedia’s backup and file sharing application. For cloud voice services, we set Bohlke up with phones for less than the cost of their previous telecom company, and with voicemails linked directly to email so they could be accessed from anywhere.”

Soon after Wholesale PC finished setting up Bohlke with a suite of Intermedia services, disaster hit – a transformer blew in Bohlke’s building. Bohlke immediately called Wholesale PC, and Dan calmly and confidently replied, “Well, the great news is that you already have everything you need for your business to function.”

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! Here’s how Wholesale PC got Bohlke back up and running: “We walked them through getting Intermedia’s backup and file sharing application set up on their mobile phones, explaining that their log-in credentials are the same as on their computers. Getting voice services online was even easier – employees just needed to take their desk phones home and plug them in.” That simple. With Intermedia’s services, Bohlke could still work from anywhere – no loss of access or time.

With Intermedia’s products in place, Bohlke was once again operational with zero associated costs. Once the power was restored, it took just a couple hours for all the files to be synced back to the server that Bohlke’s staff had continued working on while they had been out of the building for two and a half weeks.

Read on to learn more about how Bohlke maintained productivity amid what could have been a monumental nightmare.


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