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Quick Tips: Maintain customer engagement between webinars by repurposing content

Conducting your webinar is a lot more than the 45 minutes or hour you spend talking to your laptop’s webcam. Your webinar can be a jumping off point to keep your customers and audience highly engaged until the next webinar you host. Here are 7 pro tips to keep engagement high between webinars, repurposing content that’s already been created:

  1. Create an infographic after polling your audience

During your webinar, poll your audience. By asking a few questions, you’ll quickly get enough data to make a short unique infographic to share on your blog and social channels. Make sure when sharing this data you mention that it came from attendees of a webinar so it is not confused with a scientific poll.

  1. Write blog posts expanding on individual sections of your webinar or audience questions

Each section of your webinar can easily be expanded on. Combine additional information and answers to your audience’s questions in a series of blog posts. It’s an easy way to fill your content pipeline since you already know that people are engaging with these topics.

  1. Add registrants to an email nurture that reiterates key points and expands on your positions

It’s fantastic that those who attended your webinar are already highly engaged. You don’t want to let these people fall into the void. Add your attendees and people who registered but did not attend, into a separate email nurture campaigns. Share additional information on the topics presented in the webinar and any other follow-up content with them. Your last email in this campaign should be an invitation to your next webinar.

  1. Pitch yourself and your team as thought leaders

To expand your reach and authority on the topic, use your webinar as a basis to pitch publishers to write (or allow you to guest blog) on their websites. You can also pitch to be a guest on a podcast or a speaker at an industry conference or Meetup.

  1. Upload your webinar to YouTube, Vimeo or other video platforms

You can leverage your webinar by editing a few highlights and sharing them as clips on social video platforms. Short clips cut from your full-length webinar are easy to share and help create buzz for your business with very little additional effort. You can also use these clips to funnel people into your full-length recording.

  1. Ramp up your SEO by creating landing pages

Creating a resource area on your website is a great way to boost your SEO. Take some topics from your webinar and create evergreen landing pages for visitors to find on your site. As a bonus, you will be able to use your webinar as content for SEM, display ad or remarketing campaigns.

  1. Update your onboarding and prospect drip campaigns with thought leadership content

Adding thought leadership content into your prospect or onboarding email nurtures is an excellent way to keep everyone captivated. Sprucing up this content by making it more engaging and sharing your expertise will only help those now learning about you and your business.


Webinars can be a time-consuming endeavor, but their ROI can be exponential if you properly leverage your content by repurposing and introducing it through a variety of channels. By conducting a webinar each month or quarter you will never have to worry about filling your content pipeline.

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