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Splunk Customizes Security and Control with Intermedia’s Exchange Email in a Private Cloud

We often talk about the success stories of our new customers and the ways Intermedia’s applications have helped them increase efficiency, better integrate essential IT applications, and save money in the process.

But today I thought we’d check in on a longer-standing customer – Splunk.

Splunk is a fast-growing Big Data company. The public organization currently has 2,700+ employees with 14,000+ customers worldwide – 85 of which are on the Fortune 100 list. Let’s take a closer look at Splunk’s journey to Intermedia’s Private Cloud.

Off-the-shelf email solutions wouldn’t cut it

In its early years, Splunk managed a basic on-premises email system. As the company expanded, it recognized the need for enterprise-grade email and the scalability, reliability, and performance that the cloud could offer. As part of this process, Splunk’s IT staff evaluated Microsoft® Office 365® but determined that off-the-shelf solutions couldn’t offer the level of customization and personalized support it needed. The answer? Splunk selected Exchange Email in Intermedia’s public cloud in 2010.

Moving from public to private cloud

As the company continued to grow, it wanted to integrate its proprietary software to analyze and monitor the Exchange environment. To achieve this goal, Splunk moved from our multi-tenant cloud environment to our Private Cloud in 2015. As a result, Splunk gets Exchange Email managed and maintained by Intermedia’s experts, run in a separate, dedicated and fully customizable infrastructure.

Declan Morris, Splunk’s CIO elaborates on why Private Cloud was the right decision for them: “We’re not sharing any of our resources with other customers. Private Cloud mimics what we could get with an on-premises solution, with the convenience of having it managed by Intermedia.”

Declan continues, “Exchange Email in a Private Cloud is the way to go if an organization wants the flexibility to customize the environment. If your business supports the demand, additional privacy and flexibility are what you are looking for, and performance and consistency are of utmost importance, then we would recommend that you move to the private cloud solution from Intermedia.”

Customized app integration and many other benefits

By moving to Intermedia’s custom-built dedicated cloud, scalability has never been easier. Currently, Splunk utilizes 5,500 Exchange mailboxes and counting. Splunk is also able to integrate its own data analytics intelligence software with Exchange Email. “With Intermedia’s single-tenant cloud, we have extended this threat intelligence to the Exchange platform to more accurately identify threats and intrusions. This kind of customized integration would not be possible without the benefit of a Private Cloud environment,” concludes Declan.


Check out Splunk’s customer story for more on the benefits it has enjoyed as an Intermedia customer.




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