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What is Intermedia AnyMeeting, and how can it help your business?

What are your company meetings like? Productive? Energetic? Hopefully…But if you’re just holding conference calls, you’re missing out on a much more inclusive and collaborative experience. Intermedia AnyMeeting is an online conferencing tool that is perfect for sales pitches, demos, conferencing and building personal connections. AnyMeeting enables face-to-face meetings without the cost or logistics of travel. Communicate easier using a wealth of features like video conferencing, one-click recording, screen sharing, and integrated phone and web conferencing.

AnyMeeting’s robust set of features make it perfect for driving effective communication among clients, prospects and team members, while increasing employee productivity:

  • Outlook Plugin: generate all of your meeting info within your meeting invite or start an ad-hoc meeting with one-click, right from Outlook.
  • Personalized URLs: Customize your meeting experience from the get-go by creating the URL web address of your choice, then ask attendees to join you using the AnyMeeting app or a Chrome browser. 
  • High Definition (HD) Video Conferencing: Up to 12 attendees can share their webcams simultaneously in HD 720p quality, including built in chat, talking indicators and muting controls.
  • Screen Sharing: Presenting made easy. Share anything that can be displayed on the computer.  Attendees can provide live feedback, made edits and even add content.
  • AnyMeeting Pro: Take your content sharing up a notch. Upload PowerPoints, mp4s, PDFs, and more. Then present them from anywhere. Record meetings with a single click. Share recordings with a simple link and secure them with passwords. Customize your background and display your own logo.
  • AnyMeeting Webinar: AnyMeeting Webinar produces elegant presentations where presenters can interact with attendees. Send invitations, manage the registration of attendees and promote the webinar. Features include live video broadcasting, polling, Q&A, screen share, multiple speakers and more.


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About Mark Sher

Mark is the Senior Vice President of Unified Communications, Product and Marketing at Intermedia.