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ZDNet finds Intermedia’s file backup & sharing solution one of the most innovative tools for keeping businesses secure

According to the FBI, ransomware has grown into a $1 billion business for cyber criminals. Paired with sophisticated worldwide attacks such as WannaCry[1], these increasing outbreaks are proving to be “a wake-up call for a lot of big and small organizations.”

Given the evolving threat landscape, Ed Bott of ZDNet recently highlighted 3 of what he found to be “the most innovative offerings” that are solving “the kind of business problems that keep you up at night.”

We are pleased to share that Intermedia’s backup and file sharing application is first on the list!

Ed writes:

I’ve used SecuriSync for years, and consider it one of the best-kept secrets in business computing. Its cloud storage and file sharing feature set matches up favorably with any of its business competitors. It allows selective syncing, supports file sharing links to eliminate the need to share large attachments, and integrates well with Microsoft Office.

But how does Intermedia mitigate the risks associated with ransomware? Ed explains:

The problem: You wake up at 3:00 AM worrying over how you’ll recover if ransomware successfully attacks one or more of your business PCs. 

This year’s WannaCry outbreak was a wake-up call for a lot of big and small organizations, which found themselves effectively out of business for days as they tried to recover from ransomware attacks that wiped out their data.

Preventing employees from running this insidious type of malware is Plan A, of course, but Plan B is having an effective backup and recovery plan. And Intermedia’s SecuriSync cloud storage offers one of the best remediation features I’ve ever seen…All you have to do is roll back to a date and time before data files were overwritten, deleted, or forcibly encrypted by ransomware.

Check out the full article for more of Ed’s thoughts on Intermedia’s backup and file sharing solution, or go directly to our product page.


[1] The worldwide ransomware strain WannaCry infected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries

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