8 Features You Need for High-Level Webinar Presentations

January 17, 2022

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Webinars are a powerful medium for presenting education, product demonstrations, thought leadership, and more. They can be highly effective and translate into sales opportunities. When presenting to executives and leadership, your webinar presentations need to deliver value and hold the attention of those that have full plates. So, what features matter the most in engaging high-level groups?

Let’s find out what webinar features can boost engagement and hook audiences so they’ll want to commit to your business.

Live Q&As Encourage Participation

No one wants to sit in a lecture for 45 minutes. A webinar can quickly turn into that without some interactivity. One of the best ways to get attendees involved is with a live Q&A. Try to leave at least 10 to 15 minutes for questions at the end of sessions.

This must-have feature should allow you to organize and edit questions, which will get the response out faster. To ensure the Q&A session isn’t silent, do two things. First, promote this on the registration page and in emails. Second, have some seed questions ready and start with those. It could get others thinking about other critical questions.

Polls Provide a Level of Interactivity

Another presentation feature you should use is polling. Polling has several benefits. It drives engagement because people are physically clicking buttons. Further, it gives attendees some context around a topic.

An example would be hosting a webinar on the biggest challenges leaders face in transitioning to a hybrid workplace. The poll could include four or five options, and immediately, those watching will see the results live. It gives them a read on the landscape of their peers.

Robust Security Measures Are a Must

Executives are keenly aware of security issues that can arise when using applications. Unfortunately, there have been breaches with meeting platforms. You’ll want to assure your attendees that you have a secure solution. Those features include controlling who can join the event, requiring meeting passcodes, and limiting how users interact.

Recording Features for On-Demand Showings

Not every one that registers for your webinar will attend. Sometimes things come up in a person’s schedule, and an executive may have a fire to put out that takes precedence.

For this reason, you’ll want to ensure that they can watch it on demand. You can send out post-event emails to those that didn’t attend with a link to the recording. Leaders who attended might want to pass it on to other stakeholders. Making the slides downloadable on this page may also further engagement, and these are all things you can measure.

Screen Annotating Brings Examples to Life

Lots of people are visual learners, so your presentation should be modern and visually appealing. That’s a great start, and you can hold attention even longer if you can annotate on the screen.

You could use this tool to explain something that’s a bit complex, like a new product. Just by using a “digital Sharpie,” you can highlight specific areas of the most importance. Your audience may not have the time for a deep dive into all the functionality of your product. Annotating can help you get to the point faster.

Presentation Panel Options

One of the best ways to demonstrate the value of your product or service is to have other people on your webinar. Customers that can tell their own stories are great. SMEs (subject matter experts) with a solid reputation are as well. These people on the screen in a panel can do more to sway an audience than words from you.

To execute this well in your webinar presentation, you’ll need a system to accommodate multiple presenters without concerns about bandwidth or quality. Before the event, access to a presenter green room could also be useful to go over last-minute details.

Custom Branding to Keep Your Company Top of Mind

Does your background matter in a webinar? We can all agree that distractions aren’t conducive to engagement. To ensure your brand and the message resonate with attendees, you should use a custom-branded backdrop. It indicates professionalism, and someone looking at your logo for an hour is an excellent way to keep your brand top of mind with them.

Sharing Rich Media on the Screen

Webinar presentations don’t have to be static. If your webinar platform is reliable and stable, screen-sharing rich media is easy. These animations play out best if they are short. If your webinar relates to a technology tool, a quick explainer video can go a long way to illustrate how something works.

For physical products, you could play a clip of how it works in the field so that what you’re talking about isn’t abstract and your attendees can see it with their own eyes.

With the lack of in-person events and the realization that people don’t need to be physically there to understand how something works, you’ll need to stimulate from the screen visually.

Taking High-Level Webinar Presentations to the Next Level

When you have decision-makers on the other side of your screen, you need to engage and win them over quickly. Having a wealth of tools to do this makes it much easier to facilitate and repeat. You can enjoy all these features and more with AnyMeeting. You can start today by requesting a free trial.

The Intermedia Team

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January 17, 2022

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