9 Things To Look for To Find the Best Business Email Service for Your Organization

June 14, 2023

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Email has many advantages for professional communications, giving companies easy access to billions of people, an excellent tool for collaboration, and a resource for effective marketing. 

Since you likely rely heavily on email, you need the channel to be consistent and reliable. You should find the best business email service that helps your organization succeed.

However, you have innumerable choices for email providers. Discover nine of the top things to look for when picking a service so you can make the right choice.

Key Takeaways:

  • The best business email service has excellent customer support, productivity software integrations, and top-rated security.
  • Find a service that lets you use your custom domain, has ample storage, offers access to email archiving, and provides user-friendly apps.
  • Email services with fair and transparent pricing far outperforms free options.
  • Look for a company that does more than email and has a history in communications services so you can benefit from omnichannel conversations.

1. Expect Great Customer Support From the Best Business Email Service

You should be able to count on your email working whenever you need it. When you do have to troubleshoot the technology, someone from the provider should be there to assist you.

The best business email service has round-the-clock support to help you resolve an issue as soon as possible. Exceptional support prevents a slowdown or breakdown in your conversations and transactions.

2. Ensure You Can Use a Custom Domain

Your email host should permit you to create an account using your company’s domain address. This is vital for presenting a professional appearance. A custom domain for your company email is a baseline for looking established and serious about your business.

A custom domain is also good branding because the address hopefully includes your company name or a closely related phrase. You become more recognizable and build brand recall.

3. Find an Email Service With Software Integrations

Most growing businesses use software to boost productivity. Workforce management, human resource management, and customer relationship management programs streamline and automate time-consuming processes.

Much of the information you collect for these platforms comes through email. The best business email service will easily connect and collaborate with these apps.

For example, email marketing still has a low cost and high return on investment. You can link your email service with your CRM to gather useful data. The information helps you segment your audience and create more effective campaigns.

4. Rely on a Service With Top-Rated Security

Wherever business communication is happening, you’ll find someone trying to steal information or data. You can’t take for granted that your email is secure.

Security and data privacy becomes an even greater concern as business becomes more global. You must comply with privacy laws wherever you do business around the world. Also, financial and medical firms must adhere to their respective regulations.

Find a service that lets you track confidential messages to maintain control over your data. Your email service also needs ironclad protection plans to keep your team, partners, and clients free from worry. Look to a provider with secure data centers and practically impenetrable encryption.

5. Make Sure You Have User-Friendly Mobile and Desktop Apps

The best business email service is easy to use for your whole team and doesn’t require a steep learning curve. You’re looking for your email to boost productivity, not wreck it. Make sure you have easy-access dashboards for desktop and mobile devices.

6. Verify You’ll Have Sufficient Storage

Successful business relationships depend on constant communication. A brief hiccup due to insufficient storage could lead to missed opportunities, deadlines, or revenue. Ensure you have enough space to keep sending and receiving without a glitch.

7. Look for a Company With a History of Success in Communications

You might find it surprising how easy it is for tech providers to start or resell email services. The best business email service will have a proven track record of success in communications. 

Additionally, communicating across channels is becoming more critical in business. Clients and partners want seamless interactions via email, voice calls, texting, or online chat. No one wants to have to repeat what they said to you, so all communications need to coordinate.

Companies with experience in unified communications offer tools and features to allow conversations to connect across channels. Your email complements your other conversations and enhances them.

8. Determine if You’ll Have Access To Archiving

Another aspect of compliance and internal research is archiving capabilities. You should be able to protect and access the intellectual property in your emails from all team members. Advanced archiving allows you to search and investigate the text of messages and attachments for full visibility.

Furthermore, laws now make it necessary to archive communications for legal reasons. Having an archive with automatic backups protects you and prevents accidental or malicious deletion. 

9. Pay Fair and Transparent Pricing

Why should you pay for the best business email service when you can access email for free? The adage holds true that you get what you pay for. 

Paid email accounts offer you control, security, and dependability for multiple accounts that you can’t get with free services. Plus, free accounts usually are not really free. 

Like other “free” services, you often get access at the cost of seeing advertisements and spam. Not only do popups and ads harm productivity, but they can also create costly security issues. Look for a subscription-based system with options that make it easy to scale.

Intermedia Offers the Best Business Email Service for Your Company

Intermedia offers all of the features you need to have the best business email service. Request a convenient call from one of our team members to design a plan that’s right for you.

Craig Woods

Craig Woods is the Director of Product Marketing at Intermedia.

June 14, 2023

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