How to Look Great on a Video Conference Call

March 23, 2020

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Working remotely doesn’t mean you have to be isolated. That is what’s so great about video conferencing platforms. Face-to-face communication is now possible without being in the same place. The same connection can be created even if you’re thousands of miles away. While it’s very easy to set up in theory, you always want to look your best and a little prework is needed to do so. Here are 9 tips on how to look great on a video conference call.

Video Conferencing Offers Critical Tools for Remote Work

Video conferencing is an essential tool for remote working. Whether you are just transitioning to working from home or have been a long-time remote employee, how you look and sound matters. To ensure that you are optimizing your video calls and creating connections, we’re sharing some quick things you can do to be a master of virtual meetings.

9 Tips to Look Great on a Video Conference Call

Follow these tips to ensure your video conference call is a success.

  1. Get the lighting right: Overhead lights are the worst kind of lighting for video calls as they create shadows under your eyes. Bad lighting can put a damper on how you appear. Natural lighting is the best option here. If that’s not possible, use soft light behind your webcam.
  2. Make sure audio quality is crisp: Better audio translates to better image quality. The space you use should have things that can absorb sound like furniture. If you are in an empty room, there could be an echo or reverb.
  3. Show more than just your head: A lot of communication is nonverbal. We often use our hands to make gestures or emphasize things. If possible, move back from your webcam so those on the other end can see you.
  4. Pay attention to angles: In addition to sharing more than just your head on the video call, it’s also a good idea to test your angles. Ideally, your webcam should be at eye level. If you are using the camera on your laptop, then you can use a few books to prop it up so that it’s at eye level.
  5. Test with and without a headset mic: Most video conference call attendees use a headset for audio. Without it, you’ll feel and look more natural. Test both options to see if using your computer’s mic and speakers is sufficient. However, without a headset, you’ll need to have a quiet space with a closed door so other noises aren’t picked up.
  6. Look sharp: Looking presentable on a video call doesn’t mean you need to be ready for Hollywood. It does mean, that when your colleagues see you, you shouldn’t look like you just rolled out of bed. While you may not need a suit and tie, don’t go below business casual. Also, take a peak at yourself in the mirror before that video call, just in case there is a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth from lunch.
  7. Consider your background as well: The webcam’s range will include more than just you, so what’s in the background matters. Junk and clutter in the background will be distracting and could have other attendees thinking you are unprofessional. If possible, ensure the background is tidy and there’s a clean wall behind you with nothing inappropriate.
  8. Be as distraction-free as possible: With so many people juggling family life and work, there are bound to be distractions during meetings. While internal meetings might be more casual, and your co-workers won’t mind if your dog makes a special appearance, video calls with clients and partners should be as distraction-free as possible, which means having a door to close. If that’s not an option, then try to make sure other family members stay in other parts of the house.
  9. Maintain eye contact: Looking someone in the eye while you speak with them shows them you are paying attention. Maintaining eye contact translates to video calls as well. Being able to do this is dependent upon your ability to angle the camera correctly.

Look Your Best with the Right Technology

The video conferencing tool you use matters as well. Make sure you have all the functionality you need to look your best. Check out how Intermedia Unite offers you all the benefits of video conferencing and so much more for remote work.

The Intermedia Team

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March 23, 2020

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