Intermedia’s Triple Shield Commitment to Cybersecurity and Building a Safer Digital World

October 20, 2023

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As you may know, October is Cybersecurity Awareness month with 2023 marking the 20th year since its inception. This collaborative effort between both government and industry aims to amplify awareness around cybersecurity, motivate public action to mitigate online risks, and foster discussions about cyber threats at both national and global levels. This year, as we commemorate two decades of this crucial awareness campaign, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) introduced “Secure Our World” as the enduring theme. This theme emphasizes the importance of daily actions to safeguard ourselves while online and using connected devices.

Secure Our World: A New Era of Cybersecurity Awareness

The introduction of CISA’s Secure Our World program represents a fresh approach to cybersecurity awareness. Its goal is to harmonize a unified message throughout CISA’s various campaigns and initiatives, encouraging individuals, families, and small to medium-sized businesses to proactively safeguard themselves in the digital domain on a daily basis. This theme is poised to become the cornerstone for forthcoming awareness campaigns, underscoring the heightened significance and importance of cybersecurity vigilance.

Intermedia’s Commitment to Cybersecurity

As we navigate through the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats, it’s crucial to have trusted systems by your side. That’s where Intermedia’s Triple Shield Security steps in to bolster our commitment to cybersecurity. In the spirit of Cybersecurity Awareness Month and CISA’s “Secure Our World” initiative, let’s take a closer look at how Intermedia helps fortify cybersecurity practices.

User Access Security: Protecting the Gateway to Your Data

User and administrative access, regardless of the device or location, can be a potential weak link in your cybersecurity chain. Intermedia’s user access security ensures that your company’s data remains safe from unauthorized access. Our easy-to-use access controls empower administrators to manage user security effectively, including authentication, advanced password management, geo-fencing, and the detection of suspicious logins or compromised accounts.

Application Security: Safeguarding Data in Transit

The journey of data between secure cloud environments and your users’ applications can be perilous. Cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities during this data transfer, putting your information at risk. Intermedia’s Triple Shield Security takes a proactive approach to protect your company at the application layer. We employ robust encryption (both in-transit and at-rest) to keep your data private and secure. Our encryption covers a wide range of data types, including voicemails, call recordings, meeting recordings, chat history, attachments, and more. Our applications are rigorously tested against NIST and ISO security standards to ensure robust protection.

 Cloud Security: Where Your Data Finds Sanctuary

In the digital realm, your data needs a secure haven, and that’s exactly what our cloud provides. Intermedia’s cloud is hosted in geographically dispersed, highly secure, and monitored data centers. These facilities adhere to ISO 27001 standards and undergo regular SOC security audits. Network-based monitoring systems continuously scan for potential attacks and unusual behaviors, while vulnerability scans identify security weaknesses. Our advanced antivirus technology adds an extra layer of protection, monitoring for suspicious activities 24×7 and helping to prevent a wide range of attacks, from data-driven threats to malware. With Intermedia, your data is sheltered in the cloud’s fortress.

While the dangers of the digital realm will continue to be an unfortunate reality, rest assured that Intermedia’s Triple Shield Security is right there with you, actively evolving, adapting, and innovating to help keep you secure. As we honor 20 years of cybersecurity awareness, Intermedia remains your vigilant defender, dedicated to building a safer digital world.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith is ‪VP of Product Security & Analytics at Intermedia.

October 20, 2023

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