Interface Technologies Northwest Chooses Intermedia Cloud Communications Solutions to Support Clients Big and Small

April 19, 2022

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As a true partner-first company, Intermedia goes to work for its partners with the products and support that help them maximize their success in the channel with the opportunity to earn up to 5x more revenue. But rather than us telling you about the Intermedia Partner Advantage, hear it from our partners themselves.

Interface Technologies Northwest (ITN) is a Seattle-based telecommunications company founded in 2001, serving organizations throughout western Washington. It’s a veteran-owned business that provides structured cabling, wireless solutions, and unified communications. They have a wide footprint of customers and specialize in the aerospace, construction, and legal industries.

President Jeremy Reed purchased the company three years ago and, in that time, has discovered that, with businesses of all sizes moving to more mobile and remote workforces, cloud communications was a practice he needed to build. And that’s what brought Mr. Reed to Intermedia Cloud Communications.

What Attracted Interface Technologies Northwest to Intermedia?

According to Mr. Reed, there were many reasons that set Intermedia apart from solution providers with similar offerings. Intermedia offered everything ITN needed to hit the ground running, including a fully integrated UCaaS and CCaaS platform that’s easy to sell and deploy and conveniently built for the hybrid environment. The products’ high level of quality, reliability, and security, combined with J.D. Power-certified technical support, were also key factors in their decision-making process, but it was Intermedia’s partner-first mentality that really stood out to Mr. Reed.

The CORE Program Enables a True Partnership

Intermedia’s partner centricity starts with their innovative Customer Ownership Reseller (CORE™) model, which offers partners a flexible and profitable way to do business, maintain ownership of their customer relationships, brand Intermedia’s products as their own or co-brand with Intermedia, and realize 5x more revenue than traditional partner agent models. P

The entire framework of partnership support that Intermedia provides is what Mr. Reed and his team were looking for, in-depth product training, customizable marketing and sales materials, billing and taxation assistance, onboarding support, attractive promotions and incentives, and more demonstrated Intermedia’s commitment to partner success.

“We went all in, and it’s been very successful for us,” Mr. Reed added.

Getting to Know the Products: High-Touch Support and Onboarding

Once they chose to adopt Intermedia solutions, Mr. Reed had much praise for the process that allowed them to ramp up quickly. “It’s very straightforward. The online resources are helpful. We had multiple sessions with accounting, the lead PM, and technicians to get to know the product.”

Mr. Reed and his team also found Intermedia University to be a great way to onboard and get everyone up to speed on functionality and features. “They break those out by role and what you need to know.”

The Interface Technologies Northwest team was happy with the knowledge base and support offerings as well. “They helped us run demos and made sure our first deployments were successful,” Mr. Reed added.

If there is a problem, the company is confident in the tools, data, and expertise that Intermedia provides, and knows they’ll work side by side to find a solution quickly. As part of the CORE model, partners deliver level 1 support, and Intermedia then supports its partners with 24/7 J.D. Power-certified tech support via phone and chat.

Moving to the Cloud: Long-Time Customers Migrate Without Hesitation

Mr. Reed also spoke about the changing times of where and how we all work. Many of their long-time customers were still using on-premises phones and communication tools, which proved to be inflexible and inefficient, especially with so many people now working from home. “On-premises solutions say you can take the phone home and use a VPN, but for 80 percent of the people, that wasn’t the case,” he stated.

Converting on-premises users that had stated they would never change to the cloud turned out not to be the case once ITN demonstrated all that the ITN/Intermedia cloud had to offer.   Mr. Reed shared, “We’ve been able to move long-time on-premises customers because of the stability, quality, reliability, and security that the Intermedia cloud offers. Now they’ll be a customer for life.”

Contact Center Software for Every Business

Along with unified communications, Interface Technologies Northwest also offers Intermedia Contact Center. Mr. Reed called it a “differentiator.” He and his team have launched the solution for four major medical centers, including one international location. “The flexibility of the product allows us to be a player on a larger scale because of the breadth of products we can offer, and with the different levels of contact center it’s even appealing for small businesses. Now, every business can use a contact center.”

Many companies thought CCaaS was too complex for their business needs or simply not affordable, but with Intermedia’s three tiers of contact center all businesses have the ability to improve their customer experience.

Making Technology Better

Interface Technologies Northwest’s adoption of Intermedia cloud communications is helping them grow their business with a robust, fully integrated, highly reliable solution. “They make technology better and are competitive with costs. I don’t think you could find another vendor that provides that kind of attention and support. They’re a true partner.”

Hear more from Mr. Reed by watching the video below.

Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson is Intermedia's Chief Marketing Officer, and is responsible for Intermedia global marketing, including product, brand, direct, channel, demand, and digital marketing, as well as internal/external communications.

April 19, 2022

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