Why Become a UCaaS Reseller?

March 15, 2021

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Providing robust communications solutions can be challenging for some organizations. Seeking out specific platform partners can elevate product offerings and ensure profitability. In the space of unified communications (UC), companies can become UCaaS (unified communications as a service) resellers.

In exploring options, there are multiple partnership models to consider and a host of UCaaS platforms from which to choose. In this post, we’ll define the benefits of becoming a UCaaS reseller and what you should consider in selecting a partner.

Becoming a Reseller Helps You Stay Competitive

Delivering the best products that enable businesses to scale and simplify communications is critical in a competitive market. Many companies are moving to UCaaS because it saves them money. They also appreciate the flexibility of work from wherever features. While many organizations already have VoIP (voice over IP) phones, they need more integrated tools to boost productivity and collaboration.

With the rise in adoption, the UCaaS market is projected to reach $23.4 billion by 2026. If you want to remain competitive and gain a piece of that market, becoming a reseller is the best path. Without a robust solution with all the features, security, and stability, you’ll find it challenging to grow your business.

The Reseller Model Can Be Profitable When You Set Pricing

In addition to meeting customer needs, you have to consider how profitable being a UCaaS reseller will be. As mentioned above, it’s a hot market with lots of interest. You can add revenue to your bottom line with a UCaaS offering. Still, you need a partnership that prioritizes your ability to generate revenue.

In a true reseller relationship, you handle the contract and billing. Other setups offer an agent model, where you’d only earn a commission based on a referral. In an ideal reseller relationship, you set the pricing and margins and pay the wholesale rate to the platform owner. This freedom allows you to sell at a price that delivers profitability and remains affordable to your customers.

Another financial concern that you may have regarding profitability is telecom taxation. It can quickly complicate communication sales. However, some providers will handle this piece for you, so it no longer needs to keep you from becoming a reseller.

Keep Your Customer Relationships as a UCaaS Reseller

The most valuable aspect of your business is the customer relationship. Continuing to own it should be a priority in your reseller considerations. That doesn’t happen in the agent model; you’re simply the middleman. This approach won’t grow your business or your brand equity.

As a reseller, you are the point of contact for the customer. You develop the relationship and have full ownership over billing and support. When it comes to support for the product, you’ll receive assistance from your provider if there’s a situation that you can’t immediately handle.

Reseller Partners Help You Market and Sell

One concern you may have is how to market and sell this new service. To earn new customers, they need to know all about UCaaS and why it’s a benefit to them. If you’re new to the space, this can be overwhelming.

To help you market and sell, the best reseller partners support you with brandable marketing material. It’s all ready to go; just add your logo. They’ll also counsel you with sales expertise, so you can feel confident in pitching to existing and new customers. Having professional materials and advice could deliver more sales wins for your team.

Private Label Your UCaaS Platform for Brand Equity

Another consideration for going to market with a UCaaS platform is the option to white label. Not all providers offer this option, but if your brand is well-known in your area, you can leverage its value with a private label. Customers will only see your brand, not the provider’s, which could be a differentiator for you among your competition.

Expand Your Services to Meet Customer Requirements

By adding UCaaS, you’ll give them phone, chat, video conferencing, file share, and more in one system. There are still more services you could add with a partner that has a suite of communication tools.

Beyond UCaaS, you can offer CCaaS (Contact Center as Service), a cloud-based contact center software. Such a solution allows agents to work remotely and have the same access.

Another possibility is email, which partners well with UCaaS. You can move customers to a more professional and secure solution. Selecting an email plan can be complex for customers. Now you’ll have the insight to guide them to the best option for their business and users.

Get a Glimpse of How It Works

At Intermedia, we are proud to partner with almost 7,000 resellers. During our relationships, we’ve been able to capture some great stories about their successes. It’s always good to hear from others in your position on how they triumphed.

We invite you to read some of our partner case studies, which look at our reseller partners’ challenges, solutions, and results.

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March 15, 2021

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