7 Call Center Solutions for Small Business Success

March 9, 2023

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Standing apart from your competition means you must offer outstanding service, requiring the right call center solutions for a small business. For example, you need to be able to address customer comments, confusion, or complaints quickly.

Great service also helps you gain new customers and boost existing sales. Research indicates  70% of customers will spend 13% more with a brand that offers exceptional service. 

However, without the right software, investments in the team and technology could become expensive and time-intensive to implement. Discover how the correct call center technologies help you succeed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Call center software must offer call monitoring, compatibility with productivity programs, and excellent vendor support.
  • Your call center solution needs to support omnichannel communications.
  • Transcriptions, analytics, and scalability are other key features that help you improve your customer service.

What Do Call Center Solutions for Small Business Teams Do?

Call center solutions for small business teams combine customer interactions into a unified communications product. The program remains in the cloud, and the communications hardware is off-site, allowing for remote work models and agile operations. 

Using internet connectivity allows a company to take advantage of nearly every form of communication, including phone and video calls, chat, instant messaging, and email, all within one interface. The best services allow you to select the features you desire for a customized solution. These features let your company save time, simplify your work, and improve your customer service offerings.

The following seven features of call center solutions provide numerous benefits for small businesses. 

1. Ability To Monitor and Help With Calls

Automated features can often handle simple customer service requests and transactions, but agents tend to deal with more complex issues that sometimes require the assistance of a supervisor. 

Team leads don’t have to wait for analytics and transcriptions to do a post-mortem on a difficult call. Supervisors can receive alerts from the system when problems arise, or an agent can request aid.

Effective call center solutions for small business operations should also let supervisors listen to calls and coach the agent with a whisper function. When supervisors must step in, the barge feature lets them participate in the call seamlessly.

2. Compatibility With Productivity Software

Customer relationship management software is a necessity for organizing and preserving client details. Manually inputting such information into the system takes up valuable time. Straightforward integrations with your call center program save time and help you ensure the information is accurate.

Your call center service should work with a CRM, such as Salesforce, for logging call details, pulling up existing records, and sorting inquiries. This integration lets your team attend to customers quickly and improve the customer journey.

Video Embed: Intermedia Unite Extend – Salesforce Integration

3. Outstanding Customer Support

A program that is difficult to use will frustrate your team and your customers with slow service. Ensure that your call center service provider offers recognized customer service that helps you learn the system quickly and take advantage of all its features.

4. Omnichannel Communications

You don’t have to buy separate software to handle different communication methods. The right call center solutions for small business enterprises can implement various types of connections. Customers appreciate the flexibility of connecting with a company through their desired channels, whether by talk, text, video, or artificial intelligence.

Self-service options help you meet customer expectations for speedy assistance. Clients can use a chatbot or interactive voice response system to make secure account changes or payments. You can even handle simple customer service inquiries.

If an automated solution can’t do the job, the system transfers the customer to a live agent who takes over and has access to the caller’s interactions with the AI. Unifying these features means customers won’t get upset by constantly having to repeat themselves.

5. Call Transcriptions and Recordings

To analyze your team’s performance, you need reliable records of calls. Accurate transcriptions and recordings allow you to find out what actually occurred during interactions. 

You can also forward the information to other departments, such as service technicians, to understand what issues a customer has. Sales teams can find opportunities for upselling or cross-selling. When your call center software for external calls integrates with your internal unified communications, sharing critical data is easy.

6. Analytics and Metrics

Call center solutions for your small business should offer analytics and evaluation tools to help you isolate areas for improvement. You can’t just be good at customer service. You have to be great and constantly seek ways to get better. 

It would be wonderful to have an assistant to monitor and analyze every call. Fortunately, your call center software can do that for you. For example, a sentiment tag on calls and a count of the number of positive and negative words can quickly alert you to how well an interaction went.

You will better understand agent activity and performance with up-to-date reports. Agents can receive rapid feedback via an evaluator that scores interactions to help them monitor and improve themselves before a performance review.

7. Scalability and Flexibility

Your system must grow or contract according to your needs. Hosted call center solutions for small business teams offer unlimited lines. You can also move agents out of the system securely. 

Because the system works anywhere at all times, you have access to the world of remote agents. You also have freedom in the equipment you use. You can purchase communications devices for your team or allow teammates to install secure apps on their own hardware.

Some companies need ultimate flexibility to add and customize their own apps into their communications software. With API platforms and a developer’s portal, your team can build bespoke solutions.

Exceptional Call Center Solutions for Small Businesses

Discover call center solutions for small business success from Intermedia Unite and Contact Center. This integrated unified communications platform offers all the features you need to provide outstanding customer service. Get in touch with us to find out how.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

March 9, 2023

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