7 Long-Term Benefits of UCaaS for SMBs

August 2, 2022

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The technology you provide to your workers can make or break your business. We all know this to be true after two years of major disruptions related to how we work. Adapting and having agile systems is a must, and that’s why many SMBs have migrated to a unified communications platform. The benefits of UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) go way beyond the immediate.

Many long-term advantages will keep your business moving, growing, and evolving. Find out why it’s an investment you’ll want to make for your present and future.

UCaaS Enables a Hybrid Workforce

Whether your employees work in an office, at home, or anywhere in between, they should have the same communication tools and experiences. Since UCaaS lives in the cloud, you don’t have to limit where your staff can be productive.

In the current environment, employees want options, and 70 percent prefer flexible options that include remote work. To give your staff the tools they need to be successful and retain them, the communication platform available to them matters. With UCaaS, it’s one login for voice, chat, video, file sharing, and more. They can access the system on their desktop or mobile device.

Hybrid workforces are likely the future of work, and the benefits of UCaaS support this.

Collaboration Is Easy with UCaaS

Again, where your people are matters much less than how they work together. Sitting in a room together or on video calls sharing screens can both be fruitful environments. Collaboration often gets muddled when there’s constant back-and-forth. People have to search through email chains or notes they wrote to see where the project is or who has the latest version.

That causes frustration and confusion. UCaaS provides a secure, central place to store, share, and work on files. Multiple users can edit the same document simultaneously, so there’s no mystery surrounding who did what and when.

There are also tools for video meetings, such as annotating documents and creating transcripts of meetings sent directly to attendee mailboxes. There’s no doubt that collaboration tools are critical for the future of work, and UCaaS is ready for that world right now.

UCaaS Is a Cost Saver

Another long-term benefit of UCaaS is the total savings you’ll reap year after year. On-premises communication tools require expensive hardware, which always needs maintenance and increases energy bills. You also need physical phones for legacy systems, which can be costly.

Wipe all that away for good when you move to the cloud. You don’t need servers or any other infrastructure hardware.

For those already using cloud-based communication technology, you can still save with UCaaS if you have multiple vendors. Maybe you have one for phone, another for chat, and use a file-sharing application. All those fees add up. With UCaaS, you have one login, provider, and bill.

UCaaS Reduces the Burden on Internal IT

As an SMB, your IT team is small. You don’t want to stretch them any further than necessary. With managed UCaaS, your provider makes updates, monitors systems, and maintains applications.

Your IT team will no longer shoulder this burden, which can be time-intensive. Instead, they can focus on internal systems, driving toward digital transformation, or other goals. Their priorities can connect back to areas that generate revenue for your company.

Workers with UCaaS Tools Are More Productive and Efficient

UCaaS has a strong reputation for improving the workflow of employees. Since it’s an integrated platform, they aren’t logging into multiple systems daily and going between numerous screens.

They have all they need to communicate and collaborate in one spot. Everyone knows where documents are, so they don’t waste time hunting for them. Presence indicators are another UCaaS feature that adds to productivity. When employees need help, they can quickly see who’s available and reach out to them.

All these little time-savers add up, enabling everyone to work smarter, not longer. As a result, employees may be more engaged and satisfied, and that’s good for business. 

UCaaS Includes More Business System Integrations

A UCaaS platform already has so many features, but you can add to that with additional integrations. As your business grows, you may need new solutions for employees to work effectively.

For example, CRM (customer relationship management) platforms are a popular software to integrate with UCaaS systems. By doing so, employees can access customer information quickly without entering that system. Help desk apps and email are other options that keep all your tools together and interoperable.

UCaaS Systems Are Secure and Experience Little Downtime

Not every UCaaS solution is the same, but those at the top of the list have security and reliability. Providers have rigid security protocols, using the most current cybersecurity best practices. As a result of this and redundancy, most have negligible downtime reports annually. These attributes will only improve, so you can have confidence that the platform will take you into the cyber future.

Realize These UCaaS Benefits Now with Intermedia Unite

SMBs have everything to gain by adopting UCaaS. Intermedia Unite has the features you need to empower your people wherever they work. You’ll also experience award-winning service on a secure network with 99.999 percent uptime.

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Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia

August 2, 2022

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