7 Reasons Why Your SMB Needs to Adopt UCaaS

December 13, 2021

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SMBs are typically in growth mode, and to achieve this, they need a toolbox of technology. It should help them more effectively communicate and collaborate in an agile manner. It also needs to be affordable. To achieve this, they should adopt UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service).

If this describes your business, then take heed of these benefits you can realize by using UCaaS.

What Is UCaaS?

First, let’s define what UCaaS is. It’s a cloud-based solution that unifies various tools into one platform. It integrates multiple functions into one system that’s available from wherever. It includes a cloud-based PBX phone system, video conferencing, team chat/business SMS, screen share, online faxing, and file backup and collaboration.

UCaaS Is a Productivity Booster

Your teams need to be nimble and productive. It’s hard to do that if they use disparate systems or simply don’t have the right tools. Enhancing productivity is key to sustainable growth, and that’s what UCaaS can deliver.

Your staff will appreciate that everything they need to communicate and collaborate is on one platform. They don’t need to log into multiple systems. As a result, efficiency is available in almost every workflow.

UCaaS Empowers Mobility

The workplace is in a new frontier. The office can be anywhere, and many organizations are implementing hybrid work models. SMBs are certainly embracing this, but it’s not feasible without technology that enables easy and consistent experiences. To ensure you can keep up with these major changes, you’ll want to leverage the power of technology.

UCaaS delivers on this. Your employees can enjoy a “mobile” office from their smartphone that allows them to take calls, look at documents, or start a video chat. From one app, they’ll be able to manage all forms of communication. There’s no call forwarding or hoops to jump through to obtain access.

Your team will appreciate this flexibility and autonomy when you adopt UCaaS.

UCaaS Fosters Better Collaboration

Since people are no longer always in the same physical space, technology has to bridge the gap. However, it should help support collaboration, not make it harder. There are several key features of a UCaaS platform that do this:

  • Screen sharing: Meeting attendees can share in one click and annotate, too. It’s just like working on a whiteboard, except it’s virtual.
  • File sharing: Documents that get passed back and forth through email can cause lots of issues. With a file-sharing system, it stays in one place. Multiple people can work on it at once, and it tracks the changes.
  • Team chat: Quickly get answers and resolve challenges with chat features. There’s no need to pick up the phone or draft an email. Collaborate in seconds, not minutes.

UCaaS Reduces Costs

With UCaaS, you have one bill from one provider. It’s predictable and something you can budget. Legacy phone systems are a drain on expenses, requiring hardware updates, on-site visits from providers, and add-on fees.

If you’re on a cloud-based phone system but have various other apps for chat, file sharing, or other needs, those can quickly become budget breakers.

Consolidation to one provider is an excellent way to reduce your technology costs. You can then reallocate that money to other areas that will drive growth.

UCaaS Puts You in Control

If you have to add a new user to your communication and collaboration systems, how painful is the process? If you don’t have administrative control over this, it can take significant time for the provider to fulfill the request. That puts you at a disadvantage to onboard new hires.

A UCaaS system puts you back in control of managing your users. You can add new users in just a few clicks. It doesn’t require any IT intervention.

UCaaS Is Secure

The security of data is a big deal for every company. Cyberattacks happen daily and primarily to SMBs. It’s something on the radar of every business owner. UCaaS solutions are generally secure. They do live in the cloud, and that’s a good thing.

Now not every UCaaS platform has the same level of security. When comparing options, evaluate what they have to say about security. Do they have certifications? Do they encrypt? Are they constantly monitoring threats? Those are just a few questions. Universally, a cloud-based communication and file sharing solution has layers of security, making it one of the safest ways to share data.

UCaaS Streamlines Workflows and Processes

There are more benefits of adopting UCaaS for your SMB. Central file storage creates a single repository of documents. Team members won’t waste time looking for something, which makes them more efficient.

Another plus is the ability to integrate with your CRM (customer relationship management) system. This capability makes the job of customer service, account management, or sales easier. They have access to critical information inside the UCaaS solution.

There are other integration options, too. You can integrate email, Office 365, and other applications that workers use daily.

Adopt UCaaS and Grow Your SMB

Having the right technology is integral to the success of your business. The more you can consolidate and integrate, the better. That’s what you’ll experience with UCaaS. It boosts productivity, streamlines workflows, reduces costs, and ensures mobility.

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Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia

December 13, 2021

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