A Beginner’s Guide to Contact Center Intelligence

April 25, 2024

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Advances in artificial intelligence are another step forward in the digital transformation of business operations. Customer support and service teams are getting in on the action with advanced contact center intelligence.

In fact, contact centers are prime candidates for adopting intelligence tools. For instance, a recent Forbes survey states that the primary way business owners plan to use AI is to improve customer service.

However, contact center intelligence goes far beyond chatbots and text generation. Check out this introductory guide to learn what these modern resources can mean for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contact center intelligence involves automated processes for gathering, analyzing, and using data in your customer service and support departments. 
  • The full scope of these solutions involves much more than generative AI and includes custom reports and advanced analytics. 
  • Deploying these tools allows you to offer a better customer experience for increased competitiveness.

What Is Contact Center Intelligence?

Contact center intelligence consists of solutions that automate the process of gathering and utilizing data in your customer-facing support and service teams. These tools include: 

  • Workforce management software
  • Speech analytics
  • Conversational AI for virtual agents
  • Customer self-service technology
  • Predictive call routing

The word “intelligence” has a couple of key implications. One is that automation is now “smart enough” to manage routine tasks that used to require a human.

These resources furthermore provide deeper insights into your operations and client base. As a result, you can make intelligent decisions that benefit your organization.

What Can Contact Center Intelligence Do for You?

Forbes also discovered that a significant number of business owners hesitate to use AI. Many have concerns about technology dependence or a lack of technical skills. 

However, businesses eagerly embrace contact center intelligence once they appreciate the full scope of its benefits.

Enable a Top-Tier Customer Experience

All features of your contact center should optimize the customer experience. Intelligence tools do this by helping you resolve customer queries and issues faster. 

These resources mean callers spend less time on the phone waiting for someone to pick up. When an agent does answer, the system ensures it’s an employee with the skills to handle that customer’s challenges. Instead of transferring between multiple agents, the caller can resolve their concern on the first contact. 

Another key benefit is the availability of self-service features. Callers can handle basic transactions or manage confidential account details in an automated system for speed and privacy.

Boost Organizational Efficiency

Wouldn’t you like your human agents to spend more time on high-value, revenue-generating activities rather than routine tasks? Contact center intelligence accomplishes this by automating data entry, order taking, and even aspects of marketing.

Open Up Competitive Advantages and Fresh Opportunities

Legitimate privacy concerns have caused the deep well of third-party data to slowly dry up. Intelligence tools mitigate this by allowing you to easily gather valuable information right from your client interactions.

You’ll discover details about your customers’ preferred channels and brand messaging. You can also boost productivity and save money with better agent scheduling. A closer look at your team’s performance shows you how to improve training and incentives. 

Increase Employee Engagement

Another benefit of your agents not spending so much time on repetitive tasks is increased engagement. This can improve employee upskilling and retention rates, both of which have a direct impact on your bottom line. 

Which Features Are Essential in Your Contact Center Intelligence Software Stack?

Contact center intelligence is an umbrella term for various software solutions. You can’t just “get AI” and necessarily have what you need.

As you look for contact center solutions and software to integrate with it, pay particular attention to getting the following features in your system.

Virtual Agents

Deploy chatbots to engage with your customers in natural conversations for basic transactions and account management. Machine learning and natural language processing also make your IVR much more responsive to conversational queries instead of merely accepting dial tone inputs.

Intelligent Routing

A skills-based group routing system sends customers to an agent with the relevant skills and the highest idle time. You can also program your system to prioritize VIP customers so that they always get premium service.

Instant Insights for Agents

Your agents won’t have to hunt for information about a caller who is an existing client. Screen pop features allow agents to quickly click into full customer details in your customer relationship management software.

Custom Reports and Real-Time Dashboards

Contact center intelligence gives a well-rounded perspective of how your agents are doing. Examine a robust set of metrics to measure your team’s performance

Then you can program the system to generate custom reports on a regular basis. Design these to provide easy-to-understand visualizations with the key performance indicators you value most. 

AI-Powered Analysis

A quality contact center intelligence system can do more than just record and transcribe calls. It can use sentiment analysis to determine whether the tenor of a conversation is positive, negative, or neutral. With advanced archiving, you can easily retrieve these interaction details. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry about unauthorized parties seeing confidential information. Transcription redaction protects your company and your customers by ensuring compliance wherever you need it.

Experience the Advantages of Contact Center Intelligence Today

The good news is you don’t have to go to multiple different software or service providers to get the best contact center intelligence tools. A world-class communications provider includes the most essential features inside your platform.

Are you ready to experience how contact center intelligence can take your team to the next level? Reach out to our team to see how Intermedia Contact Center enables smarter customer engagement with intelligent contact center solutions.

The Intermedia Team

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April 25, 2024

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