A Crash Course in the Advantages of Professional Cloud Video Conferencing

May 7, 2024

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Your business needs effective and cost-efficient ways to communicate with your team and your clientele. In the modern world, that demands using cloud video conferencing.

An increasing number of organizations are turning to video calls. Recent projections expect the North American market to double before the decade’s end, jumping from $7.43 billion in 2022 to $17.95 billion in 2030.

The question is: Since most people already have a video app on their personal phone, tablet, or PC, why do you need a professional solution specifically for businesses? 

Learn about cloud video conferencing software and why your company should choose a solution that is part of unified communications. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Professional cloud video conferencing offers a secure and reliable solution for remote collaboration.
  • Save time and money by using cloud video conferencing to eliminate travel costs and waiting for physical conference rooms.
  • Cloud solutions are more flexible and cost-efficient than on-premise self-hosted software.

Why Does Your Organization Need To Invest in Pro Cloud Video Conferencing?

Above all, you need a professional cloud video conferencing solution because anyone important to your company’s success expects it. That includes stakeholders, employees, and clients.

The considerations you would have for a physical meeting space apply to digital conferencing as well. You wouldn’t select just any location to gather in personally for a work meeting or sales call, even if it was free to use. 

For a physical room, you would have appropriate concerns about sound quality, security, and convenient access. Likewise, only consider cloud video conferencing solutions that put your best foot forward and show your team comprises true professionals who take their work seriously.

What Are the Top Benefits of Pro Cloud Video Conferencing?

Once you switch to cloud video conferencing on a professional platform, you’ll uncover multiple advantages that enhance your business.

Meetings Whenever and Wherever

Getting together with your team no longer means having to reserve or wait for a conference room. Neither will you have to settle for an uncomfortable space or low-quality audio-only meetings.

Cloud video conferencing gives you the flexibility to meet at any time and place. Conducting truly interactive training or team-building no longer requires pulling everyone together in the same spot. It’s one of the primary ways that hybrid work is better.

Cost Savings

Meeting together physically can be costly if you have a group of folks in many different areas. Video conferences eliminate that expense. 

Additionally, cloud-based services don’t require you to own expensive servers or hire an in-person technical team to maintain and upgrade your hardware. As long as all participants have modern, internet-connected devices (whether mobile or desktop), they can join your video meetings.

Improved Collaboration

Cloud video calls don’t mean attendees are passive listeners. World-class video conferencing solutions allow them to be engaged participants for enhanced teamwork and collaboration.

High-definition video and audio with screen sharing, collaborative annotation, and chat features allow you to alter and edit files together as if you were in the same room. Recording and note-taking features let anyone who couldn’t make it see what happened and provide concise minutes of action items.

When your cloud video conferencing is part of a unified communications solution, connecting is even more hassle-free. With your team all on one platform, you don’t need long dial-in numbers or codes. Plus, the system integrates into your business software, so you can quickly connect while inside other apps without toggling through multiple programs and windows.

Security and Reliability

One of the top reasons you need to subscribe to professional unified communications as a service with cloud video conferencing instead of sticking with free apps is the security and protection you gain. Pro solutions offer worry-free protection that keeps your interactions confidential.

Likewise, you don’t have to fret over your service going down when you have guaranteed 99.999% uptime. As long as you can find an internet connection, your platform is operable.

Greater Competitiveness in a Global Market

Cloud video conferencing lets you engage with a multinational market without expanding your travel budget. Hold sales calls, product demos, and seminars with clients from all over and generate more revenue. Interact better with your stakeholders, wherever they may be, through virtual board meetings and events.

Plus, you no longer need local employees for every position. Access a worldwide talent pool with top-notch cloud video conferencing. From hiring interviews to onboarding, you can do it all online. 

How Do You Set Up a World-Class Cloud Video Conferencing Solution?

You could purchase software with all of the features you need, but you’d have to be sure to have the right hardware and enough licenses to install it on all of your employees’ devices. That would quickly become cumbersome and expensive.

An easier option is to subscribe to a cloud-based service that your whole organization can use. Even better is finding one that works as part of a unified communications platform

UC contains all of your professional communications on one service for maximum efficiency, productivity, simplicity, and cost savings. Your phone, chat, text, and video calling reside on a single, secure platform. 

That means you’re not switching between apps for different channels. This omnichannel method is the wave of the future and what top organizations use.

Start Professional Cloud Video Conferencing Today

You shouldn’t settle for barebones conferencing that doesn’t allow for the smoothest and most productive interactions possible. Talk to Intermedia today about how a professional cloud video conferencing solution can take your communications to the next level.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

May 7, 2024

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