How To Implement a Simple IVR System in No Time

March 22, 2023

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You’ve likely heard about how useful an interactive voice response system can be, but as a busy professional you may lack the time to learn and install new processes. Why should you make the effort to implement a simple IVR system?

People still contact customer service by phone in large numbers, with nearly two-thirds seeking help by voice call. Companies need reliable and user-friendly systems that resolve caller issues quickly.

Learn about IVR systems and how to implement one in no time.

Key Takeaways:

  • An IVR system improves customer service by helping callers receive quick, tailored, and secure assistance.
  • IVR systems are simple to set up with the help of a qualified communications provider.
  • Businesses need to avoid common IVR mistakes to keep from frustrating customers.

What Does a Simple IVR System Do?

Your IVR system is an automated communications assistant that can serve your customers any time of day or night. Instead of waiting while the phone rings repeatedly, customers receive an immediate answer from the system.

Your callers then hear your customized greeting and a menu of choices. The caller answers with a voice response or keypad entry.

The caller’s answers can allow them to complete basic tasks without waiting on the assistance of a human agent. More challenging issues the system can route to the appropriate human agent.

How Do an IVR System and ACD Work Together?

A simple IVR system works along with automatic call distribution. ACD technology allows you to accept and prioritize incoming calls.

The system can first identify key facts about the caller, such as the account number, language, and location. If the caller has a complex request, the automated system puts the person in a queue for an agent. Queueing tracks the call status, a caller’s wait time, and the nature of the query. 

ACD and IVR can work together to create a better customer experience by alerting callers to the length of wait times. The system can also allow a person to choose to accept a call from an agent at a later convenient time.

How Do You Set Up a Simple IVR System?

You no longer have to program expensive and perplexing software and hardware to set up an IVR system. A unified communications provider can offer you IVR functionality as a part of contact center as a service software. 

The vendor manages your CCaaS in the cloud from an off-site location, allowing your simple IVR system to work anywhere. The provider of your CCaaS platform should offer a simple interface in a dashboard for programming your IVR. 

In the system, you choose your business hours, which allows you to set different responses for when you’re in or out of office. You can record custom greetings yourself and load them into the system, or a text-to-speech reader can generate the audio in a pleasant tone.

The intuitive system lets you make changes as necessary. For example, if you add a department or need to create extra options relating to a new service or product, you can easily do so without complicated re-programming. 

What Is the IVR Phone Tree?

Your phone tree is the hierarchy of commands that you send your customers through. Your team needs to spend sufficient time creating a menu that is easy for callers to use. Take time to test your IVR system after setup to ensure it works as you intend.

What Advantages Can a Simple IVR System Offer? 

An IVR system has become standard among businesses. A simple IVR system allows you to present a professional and consistent image. The system’s full-time availability means callers can be sure someone receives their message for follow-up.

Your call center agents will improve their performance because they will not have to deal with high call volumes for mundane issues. The efficiency may help you lower call center turnover rates.

Enhanced omnichannel connection is another benefit. Automated features simplify collecting customer information that your system can easily enter into your productivity software. Agents will have necessary caller details at their fingertips when conversing with a customer.

Automation also has built-in features to verify data entry, allowing for fewer errors than human processing. Your callers also benefit from enhanced security because human agents don’t have to accept and process payment information and account details.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid With Your IVR System?

Unfortunately, some customers loathe talking to a machine. This issue often arises from dealing with poorly implemented IVR systems that are anything but simple for the caller. Avoid these mistakes when programming your IVR system.

Allowing Long Hold Times 

Do your best to segment calls with ACD so that customers can reach the appropriate agents quickly. Your simple IVR system can minimize abandoned calls and reduce the number of upset customers by queuing callers and offering callbacks.

Creating Complicated Menus

Beware of menu structures that are not intuitive. If you use internal or industry terms that are unfamiliar to callers, they may struggle to get the help they need. A customer may give up on the call and give up on your company.

Treating All Customers the Same

Many business owners are familiar with the 80/20 principle, where 80% of your business comes from the top 20% of your clients. Ensure that your IVR system prioritizes the most important callers to your business with rules that put them high in the queue. 

Not Updating Your System

Track how well your system is working. Measure customer satisfaction with quick surveys and automated analytics on calls. Make adjustments as necessary and check that your updates work correctly. Ensure your simple IVR system doesn’t become a complex labyrinth.

How Can Intermedia Help You Implement a Simple IVR System in No Time?

Intermedia has three decades of experience helping companies get the most from their communications systems. Reach out to Intermedia to learn more about Easy-IVR. This simple IVR system can meet all your customer service needs.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

March 22, 2023

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