Small Business VoIP Services Drive Better Reliability and Decrease Costs

January 6, 2021

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Small business owners shouldn’t have small demands when it comes to their communication platforms. You deserve features that are efficient and effective. VoIP (voice over IP) has a lot of benefits and not at a big price. If you’re wondering about small business VoIP services, we’re sharing with you why making the switch can give you a significant advantage.

Benefits of VoIP Services for Small Business

Going down the list of expectations and benefits, you’ll find there is a lot of alignment. Whatever you think you need from a phone system, VoIP has it. Let’s look at the key benefits you can achieve with VoIP.

Consistent Call Quality and Reliability

VoIP uses the internet to make calls, rather than analog technology of legacy phones. The call quality is reliable from wherever. You can use VoIP on a desktop or mobile device with no concerns about static or other problems.

You also won’t be at the mercy of landlines, which usually fail during power outages. You can maintain your communication system in the event of an emergency. Those with apps on their mobile devices can continue to communicate.

VoIP providers have much better uptimes, but not all providers are equal. Ask about this when comparing vendors and seek out something with a 99.999% uptime or greater.

Mobility Matters

Even before remote work became the norm, small businesses understood the importance of mobility. Employees have to wear many hats, which means they can’t be tied to a desk to communicate. VoIP delivers this freedom to small businesses and is a leading reason why so many are adopting it.

VoIP Is Secure

VoIP technology has a sophistication that outpaces analog systems. There are standard encryption protocols, so your calls and data are secure. This kind of confidence isn’t possible with traditional landlines.

Voicemail Straight to Your Inbox

How much time do you waste trying to collect your voicemails? Old systems require you to call in and enter a pin to retrieve them. It can be cumbersome. VoIP systems immediately transcribe messages and send them to you via email or SMS. You can also forward that recording to another party if you’d like them to respond. It’s a much quicker process than in the past.

Save Money

One of the most attractive features of VoIP for small businesses is how affordable it is. Since VoIP is in the cloud, you no longer have to purchase or maintain equipment on-premise. You’ll also eliminate any costs associated with technicians.

Call rates decrease, too. It’s one low monthly cost, no matter how the volume or where you’re calling.

Those are the hard costs. There are also other ways VoIP saves you money. By providing an app for work calls, your team can use their own devices. There’s no need for a personal and work phone. Further, VoIP improves your staff’s productivity. The technology makes it easier for them to stay in communication without constraints. More productive workers deliver more value.

More Than Just a Phone

One of the most important aspects of VoIP is that it’s part of a bigger platform. Unified communication (UC) includes VoIP phone systems and so much more. These platforms have the ultimate toolkit for small businesses, helping them communicate and collaborate.

A UC system can offer:

  • Video conferencing: Meet with your staff and customers via the video conferencing functionality. You can be physically present without being in the same room. This demand for video conferences has seen dramatic spikes during the pandemic. Regardless of what the future holds, video conferencing will continue to be a useful tool.
  • Team chat: Instant message with your team to ask quick questions and get answers. The presence indicator is also a practical feature. It lets you know who is available, busy, or away in real-time.
  • File backup and collaboration: Work together with colleagues on files without ever sending them via email. Streamline projects and see the latest version as well as the ability to see all changes. You’ll have secure storage and backup that meets any compliance guidelines. It makes collaboration easy, no matter where you are.

Elevate Your Small Business’ Capabilities with VoIP

With all these benefits, leveraging VoIP for your small business is an excellent choice. It has all the features you need to ensure reliability and provide mobility. Plus, you’ll reduce costs, something every small business can appreciate.

Find out more about our solutions for small businesses by exploring Intermedia Unite, a UC platform that includes VoIP, and so much more!

Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia

January 6, 2021

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