10 Contact Center Technologies You Should Know About

August 31, 2023

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High levels of customer satisfaction lead to increasing your sales and improving brand perception. One study even finds that 81% of buyers will make an additional purchase because of a positive customer experience.

How can you ensure your team quickly and efficiently responds to customer concerns and keeps CX high? The top contact center technologies give you the necessary tools.

Discover 10 contact center technologies your company needs to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Essential contact center technologies include efficiency-boosting features, such as ACD, IVR, and CTI.
  • Ensure your contact center has omnichannel capabilities and fully integrates with a unified communications system.
  • Boost your productivity and business intelligence with app integrations and advanced artificial intelligence.
  • An intuitive dashboard makes managing your contact center technologies a breeze.

1. Automatic Call Distribution Contact Center Technologies

One of the foundational contact center technologies is automatic call distribution. This feature directs inbound calls to the most fitting department or agent.

You set up rules for your ACD that route callers by predefined criteria. For example, you can send callers to the agents with the particular skills to handle their issues. You can also prioritize VIP clients to ensure they get the best service and remain highly profitable customers.

2. Interactive Voice Response

Many buyers will opt for self-service when it’s available, especially for routine inquiries or dealing with sensitive information. IVR lets callers input a dial tone or vocal response to proceed through an automated menu of options to get to the right person or handle basic transactions.

As IVR works together with ACD, you deliver a top-tier customer experience. These contact center technologies can reduce call wait times and agent work overload. 

3. Omnichannel Capabilities

You may have noticed a decline in the use of the term “call center” and the rise of the expression “contact center” when describing sales and support desks. The reason is your agents need to be able to do more than make phone calls.

Superior contact center technologies allow your workers to communicate with customers, leads, and fellow agents through video, chat, text message, and email. 

You once needed an app for each channel. Now, contact center as a service software puts these capabilities in one convenient platform for greater efficiency.

What’s better is that you can integrate your internal unified communications system with your contact center. Companies that blend these services under one provider see sharp revenue increases and higher productivity.

4. Computer Telephony Integration

Contact center technologies also reduce the amount of hardware you require. Computer telephony integration allows your computer and phone systems to work together. 

CTI enables you to use softphone apps. With these programs, your team can make and receive calls on their desktops, laptops, or smartphones. Agents are able to take calls anywhere they’re online and instantly transfer conversations between devices.

5. Call Monitoring and Recording

Your supervisors can silently listen in on calls to observe and train workers. Whisper functionality allows them to coach agents without the customer hearing the interaction. Barge functions let the trainer step in and help at a moment’s notice.

Plus, you don’t have to rely on a supervisor being available to access all call details. Automatic call recording offers you a robust record of agent interactions for quality assurance purposes and compliance with industry regulations.

6. Workforce Management Integrations

Boost your company’s productivity with workforce management software that integrates into your contact center technologies. You can manage schedules and adjust workloads easily, as well as automate routine messages to save yourself time and keep your team in the loop about workflows.

In addition, the system facilitates predicting worker trends as it analyzes behavior and uses artificial intelligence to forecast workflows. With advanced data, you can make informed decisions about meeting customer and employee needs.

7. Queue Callbacks

Your clients desire proactive and on-demand customer service, but your contact center might not yet be a 24/7 operation with abundant staff. When a caller cannot reach the appropriate agent, the queue callback feature will automatically reconnect with a caller once an agent is available.

As a result, your callers no longer have to sit on hold to receive service. You can allow a client to move on to doing something else, and the individual will receive a call at a more convenient time.

8. Call Transcription With Advanced AI

Your management team won’t have time to sift through all of those call recordings your system is collecting. Transcription archives make searching for and analyzing specific conversations easy.

Advanced AI contact center technologies are able to analyze the tenor of interactions and give you a summary of crucial insights. Also, transcription redaction maintains customer privacy and follows compliance rules by automatically concealing sensitive information in documents.

9. CRM Integrations

Customer relationship management software simplifies your ability to offer personalized service to each person and manage the customer experience. Your agents will have up-to-date records to solve customer inquiries quickly.

With developer tools, you can integrate your preferred CRM into your CCaaS. This feature also gives managers additional visibility into customer interactions to enhance training and the customer experience.

e Management (CXM) for Businesses

10. A User-Friendly Administrative Console

You don’t need a programming degree to deploy and manage your advanced contact center technologies. Your CCaaS software comes with an intuitive executive dashboard that allows you to set up and monitor everything.

Of course, a top contact center provider offers full-time onboarding and support to guide you along the way. Whenever you need assistance, a helpful agent is standing by.

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Rob Oscanyan

Rob is Director for Product Marketing for Contact Center as a Service here at Intermedia.

August 31, 2023

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