8 Things a Business VoIP Phone Service Can Do for You

December 20, 2023

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Voice calls still remain one of the most popular ways for companies to communicate with customers, employees, and everyone else. However, a landline is no longer practical in the digital age, so businesses are turning to Voice over Internet Protocol.

Have you investigated the power and flexibility of a business VoIP phone service? The systems are so effective that the market looks likely to nearly triple over the next decade.

Find out what the fuss is all about and discover what a business VoIP plan can do for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your business VoIP phone service allows you to have unlimited calling and lines, along with features that improve your efficiency and the customer experience.
  • It’s possible to set up and scale VoIP services much more quickly than in-house systems.
  • You can save money with business VoIP while still getting a higher-quality and more reliable service.
  • A unified communications provider offers better support and security than on-premise setups can.

1. Unlimited Calling With a Business VoIP Phone Service

Old-fashioned analog phone services limit your standard calling to specific regions and area codes. Because business VoIP phone service connects through the internet, your web of connections is truly worldwide with few or no additional expenses.

You can even set up cheaper international calling and toll-free numbers. Your service also lets you have local numbers in different areas for smart marketing, no matter where your offices are.

2. Productivity-Boosting Features That Enhance the Customer Experience

Consider a few of the features that make your team more efficient when you deploy unified communications with VoIP:

  • Auto attendants that take calls 24/7, eliminating the need to hire a human receptionist
  • Intelligent call routing through automation that lets callers get to the right person or department more quickly
  • Easy call monitoring and recordings that you can archive for rapid retrieval to oversee and improve team performance
  • Voicemail-to-email transcriptions to quickly see voicemail content
  • Business texting for more ways to reach customers

You can also integrate an omnichannel contact center right into your business VoIP phone service. There’s no need to find a different vendor and try to get the two systems to play together nicely.

Additionally, workforce and customer relationship management software help you track your team’s performance and document the progress of customer relationships. Use the included analytics and reporting features of your UC software and integrate your favorite WFM and CRM to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

These advanced features only scratch the surface. With unified communications, you’ll have a long list of features you can’t get with legacy phone systems.

3. Rapid Setup and Scalability

Whether your team is in one office, many branches, or completely remote, a business VoIP phone service installs with a fully functional private branch exchange in days, not weeks or months. If you have any issues, your provider is there all along the way to train you and help you troubleshoot.

Furthermore, you can easily monitor and adjust everything from your user-friendly administrative portal. Once you’re ready to expand operations, you can add new lines, users, and features in a snap.

4. Unmatched Uptime and Reliability

The stability and redundancy of cloud-based solutions totally outmatch what an on-premise phone system can offer. An industry-leading business VoIP phone service can guarantee that you’ll average no more than 26 seconds of downtime in a month, if any at all.

5. Surprising Cost Savings

You might think that getting the latest in communications technology would entail a significant expense. On the contrary, you will have surprising cost savings.

With an on-premise PBX, you’ll need software for each advanced feature and in-house hardware. Don’t forget the cost of hiring tech personnel internally or outsourcing to another company.

With cloud-based phones, you only have a single subscription fee. You could also invest in additional support if necessary, but all in all, you’ll save much more with VoIP.

6. Better Call Quality

If you think your business VoIP phone service couldn’t be any better, think again. As stable and reliable as traditional phone lines are, you can’t get call quality that’s much better than a terrestrial radio station. In the digital age, that won’t cut it.

With VoIP, your service gives you access to high-definition calls and not just for audio. Video conferencing can be crystal clear as long as you have a high-speed online connection.

7. Superior Service and Support

The communications utilities of yesteryear were notoriously slow and unsympathetic when providing customer support, including telephone and cable. Compare that to Intermedia, a company with an unprecedented seven years of award-winning service. With our business VoIP phone service, you’ll have technical support and training you can count on.

8. Top-of-the-Line Security

Cyberattacks are now an expected risk in online commerce, even for the smallest businesses. Fortunately, a business VoIP phone service from a top provider gives you worry-free communications that meet the most rigorous standards for security, for both the communications field and your own industry’s compliance standards.

Setting Up Your Business VoIP Phone Service Is Easy With Intermedia

Are you ready to free yourself from the restrictive cords of landlines? Do you need a quick and easy communications setup for your company?

Talk to our experts about the Intermedia Unite business VoIP phone service. We’ll help you improve your collaboration and customer experiences in no time.

Melinda Curtis

Melinda is the Director of Product Marketing for Intermedia Unite, our premier cloud-based unified communications solution.

December 20, 2023

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