6 VoIP Contact Center Solutions To Take You Into the Future

March 30, 2023

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Your VoIP contact center solutions can help or hinder your business. For example, 40% of customers will stop buying from a company after a poor experience.

On the other hand, clients spend 140% more after a positive experience. Staying up to date and ready for potential customer demands from your contact center helps you succeed.

Discover the top contact center solutions your company requires.

Key Takeaways:

  • VoIP contact centers offer modern solutions that prepare a business to address the needs of its customers.
  • VoIP contact center solutions can resolve the challenges that employees face regarding engagement and efficiency.
  • Six of the best features of VoIP contact centers are IVR, call recording, enhanced security, analytics, CRM integration, and omnichannel routing.
  • VoIP contact centers are not difficult to implement with the help of a skilled provider.

What Are VoIP Contact Center Solutions?

VoIP contact center solutions facilitate communication between your customers and agents. Various tech tools make it easier for agents to answer caller queries quickly and with less effort.  

VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol, which converts audio call signals into data packets that travel over the web. This service combines many other communications and productivity features to improve contact centers.

What Are the Top Problems That VoIP Contact Center Solutions Can Solve?

Traditional call centers use on-premises systems and in-office staff. This setup allows for control over the technical aspects of a call center but requires paying staff or contractors. Also, housing the equipment can take up valuable space.

VoIP contact center solutions resolve many of the issues businesses have for customer service and contact centers. Often, these challenges revolve around your customers or employees.

For example, poorly run contact centers frustrate customers, resulting in low satisfaction. Clients may hesitate to call for help and instead leave negative feedback or go to your competitors.

VoIP contact center solutions help you boost caller satisfaction, such as how this organization did with Intermedia Contact Center.

The root of many customer communication problems is the limitations of the tools employees must use. A hosted contact center provides agents with the necessary features for better customer service.

Poor integration of communications leads to confusion, stress, and employees feeling like they’re floundering with little direction. In contrast, the right contact center provides:

  • Improved collaboration with unified communications
  • Better training and more skilled employees 
  • Less confusion from simplified tools for productivity
  • Reduced stress due to intuitive tools
  • Clear objectives because of accurate metrics

Agents experience more on-the-job engagement because training and upskilling allow you to offer appropriate benefits and raises for outstanding performance. Also, agents feel like they’re on a clear path to professional advancement.

What Are the 6 Best VoIP Contact Center Features That Can Take You Into the Future?

Consider the six best contact center solutions your VoIP service should offer.

1. IVR and ACD

Contemporary VoIP contact center solutions should offer interactive voice response functionality to accept incoming calls and route calls to the correct agents. This feature saves time for your customers and agents.

The automated attendant allows callers to answer simple queries, process requests involving sensitive data, and get to the correct human agent on the first call.

IVR works along with automatic call distribution. ACD distributes calls according to IVR input, technical support level, and business hours to keep things organized and running smoothly.

2. Call Recording

Call recording allows you to review customer interactions to clarify disagreements, capture necessary data, and examine your level of service. Automatically saving calls can be critical protection for legal or compliance matters.

Modern VoIP contact center solutions also transcribe and organize calls. Transcription allows you to find the information you need quickly.

3. Security

Most businesses deal with confidential financial data and other private information. You need reassurance that the data in your contact center software is not vulnerable.

Reliable VoIP contact center solutions offer rock-solid protection so that you don’t have to worry. For example, Intermedia’s Contact Center has industry-leading security with crucial certifications and third-party validation to guard your calls and data.

4. Reporting and Analytics

Your data is useless if you can’t easily access or understand it. Your VoIP contact center solution needs real-time and historical analytics for detailed insights to track your activity and efficiency. 

You’ll have access to essential data such as:

  • Call abandonment rates
  • Average hold time and the speed of answer
  • Percentage of calls sent to voicemail
  • Average talk time and average handle time
  • First-call resolution rates

Understanding your team’s performance helps you stay competitive and constantly improve.

5. CRM Integration

Transferring data between apps is tedious and can cost your agents the time that they can dedicate to more productive tasks. One of your most important VoIP contact center solutions is the ability to load customer information from your contact center into your customer relationship management software and vice versa.

With integrated unified communications, your agents don’t need to toggle between multiple apps and type in information or copy and paste manually. Fluid connections between your software mean more prepared agents and satisfied customers.

6. Omnichannel Routing

Modern contact centers are the next evolution over traditional call centers. You need to be able to do more than just take voice calls. 

VoIP contact center solutions use omnichannel routing to sync customer interactions across channels and get callers to the correct agents. Customers get a consistent experience and avoid the frustration of having to repeat themselves to explain issues.

Is It Difficult To Implement a VoIP Contact Center?

One of the best advantages of VoIP contact center solutions is the simplicity of setting it up. A reliable provider such as Intermedia can have your center ready in weeks or even days.

Without the technical requirements of an on-premises call center, you only need internet-connected devices to begin. However, if you want to purchase dedicated equipment for your system, your provider can assist you with that, too.

Who Supplies the Top VoIP Contact Center Solutions?

Intermedia has three decades of successfully helping businesses meet the needs of an evolving customer base. Discover how the team can help you select the right VoIP contact center solutions.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

March 30, 2023

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