A Primer on Cloud-Based Calling and Voice Services

November 14, 2023

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Your business’s communications system keeps your company running, being the key to team collaboration and customer outreach. As such, you could end up harming your bottom line if you use the wrong technology or service.

Many companies of all sizes are turning to cloud-based calling services. In fact, this industry is now worth over $50 billion and is growing exponentially.

Why have so many businesses decided that cloud calling is the modern benchmark for connecting with others? Discover how these voice services maximize your organization’s connectivity and productivity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cloud-based calling means making voice calls over internet connections instead of landlines.
  • Cloud telephony integrates all other popular communication channels and has enhanced features to boost your efficiency and revenue.
  • Cloud calling uses Voice over Internet Protocol, though not all VoIP services are cloud-based.
  • Choose a reputable provider to ensure you have high-quality cloud-based calling.

What Is Cloud-Based Calling (or Cloud Telephony)?

Cloud-based calling involves using an internet connection to make phone calls instead of employing landlines. You may hear people refer to cloud-based calling as “cloud calling” or “cloud telephony.” 

Cloud calling is a type of unified communications as a service that makes voice communication simpler and less expensive, especially for businesses. UCaaS solutions bring all of your communications into one service, meaning your voice, video, chat, and messaging work together with simple billing from one vendor.

How Does Cloud-Based Calling Work?

Cloud calling uses Voice over Internet Protocol, which converts audio signals from your internet phone or smart device into data packets. The service sends this data through the internet to your provider, which routes the call to the receiver.

This arrangement allows you to make calls to other VoIP users with devices that can process these data packets. Your provider also makes it possible to call traditional landline phone users because it handles converting the data packets back into audio signals.

Because cloud-based calling operates through a cloud private branch exchange, you eliminate the need for an on-premise PBX system. Instead, your provider manages the security and maintenance for you at its own site.

Why Use a Cloud-Based Calling Platform?

With cloud telephony, even small businesses can have the same powerful communications advantages that large enterprises have.


Cloud-based calling platforms help you protect your and your customers’ data across multiple pillars. Rely on state-of-the-art encryption and security management across voice and all other communications.

Room for Growth

Unlike an on-premise PBX, you can scale your cloud calling system immediately with your administrative dashboard. Upgrades and installations occur in moments, not months. As a result, you can pivot rapidly to meet customer demand and increase your revenue.


You can stay in close contact with remote teams using UCaaS. Anyone with an internet-connected device can communicate over your secure system, allowing you to hire from a worldwide talent pool without compromising the quality of collaboration.

Cost Savings

With cloud-based calling, you save on the expense of the office space, equipment, and maintenance necessary for an in-office PBX. Plus, internet calling gives you lower rates for long-distance and international calling.

Future-Proof Functionality

Get the latest features instantly with a cloud phone system. Your provider installs and manages the newest integrations with productivity software and helps you compete in the market at the top of your game.


A powerful communications system shouldn’t have to be overly complex. Connecting to others through UCaaS is easy with a single user-friendly interface that makes calling others and storing client details a cinch.

Simple Installation

As with upgrades, implementing your cloud-based calling platform is easy, too. If you have high-speed internet, you can be ready in a matter of days. Your provider will work with you to get you on your feet as soon as possible.

Reliability and Resiliency

Communication downtime gets costly quickly. Cloud calling protects you with 99.999% uptime, which means your system could only be down for 26 seconds each month maximum. You’re rarely unable to connect with your customers or team, if ever.

Plus, outages and disasters won’t impact business continuity as much. Any location where you can access the internet gets you connected again.

Enhanced Management

A cloud system with online dashboards gives managers and supervisors the ability to oversee operations and interact with workers. Advanced artificial intelligence programs give greater insights into customer interactions and enable workflow automation.

Cloud Telephony vs. VoIP: Is There Any Difference?

VoIP refers to the technology that enables voice calling over the internet. While VoIP is usually the foundation of cloud-based calling, not all VoIP services run in the cloud. 

Additionally, a VoIP service might only offer basic calling and messaging. Cloud telephony includes VoIP capabilities and a range of other features that help your business maximize its productivity.

How Do You Pick a Cloud-Based Calling Provider?

Digital services are easy to sell, meaning you’ll encounter cloud-based calling vendors of varying quality. As you sort through the dozens of UCaaS providers, look for the following key characteristics:

  • Strong testimonials and reviews from clients
  • A transparent service level agreement and award-winning customer support
  • Worry-free SOC 2-audited security and regulatory compliance
  • Sufficient infrastructure and integrations to manage all of your communications

Fortunately, Intermedia meets these stipulations and more. Our Worry-Free Experience gives you the freedom to focus on adding value to your business and not on problems with your phone service.

Reach Out to Intermedia To Learn How You Can Start With Cloud-Based Calling Today

Cloud-based calling is the intelligent choice for companies that want to keep up with the times and stay ready for the future. Contact Intermedia to learn how easy it is to set up your cloud calling today!

Rob Gold

November 14, 2023

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