Corporate VoIP: The Complete Package

August 23, 2023

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Companies across industries have turned to corporate Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems for their numerous collaborative advantages. The latest numbers show nearly 50% of businesses are increasing their investment in some form of this workplace technology.

As a decision-maker, you’re always looking for ways to get the most bang for your organization’s buck. How can VoIP give you the top communications features without breaking the bank?

Dip into this concise review to appreciate why corporate VoIP is the total package for your communications solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • A corporate VoIP system is a digital phone service that far exceeds the capabilities of traditional analog phone lines.
  • Discuss the features you require with fellow stakeholders to determine which company is the ideal corporate VoIP provider.
  • Ensure your in-office and remote teams have the necessary bandwidth to support clear, high-definition voice and video calls.
  • Look for features that enhance productivity, such as auto attendants, interactive voice response (IVR), and softphone apps.

What a Corporate VoIP System Can Do for Your Company

Corporate VoIP phone systems use digital technology to bring your business the highest-quality call connections and features. The system converts voice conversations into data packets it transmits over the internet. 

VoIP systems are not exclusive to each other, so you can still call people on mobile or traditional landlines. Online technology also facilitates using digital versions of standard business phone functions, such as call routing, monitoring, and conferencing.

The Advantages of Corporate VoIP Connections Over Traditional Phone Lines

Traditional phone systems are still available in some areas, but this option is not practical for many businesses. The cost is prohibitive, and installation is long and complex.

Additionally, traditional services require high ongoing costs for premium technical support and maintenance. Fixing or upgrading the system can take a long time, leading to costly downtime.

Corporate VoIP systems open the door to a new world of unified communications. Every conversational channel your team uses can occur through your company’s system. This digital exchange provides unparalleled cost savings and flexibility.

In addition, your VoIP provider hosts the hardware at secure data sites. Support, upgrades, and repairs are inexpensive and often instantaneous. You can easily manage and monitor your service from an administrative dashboard and make quick adjustments.

Tips for Choosing the Right Corporate VoIP System

The abundance of digital services can create a new challenge for business leaders — determining which corporate VoIP phone system you should choose.

Dozens of companies offer corporate VoIP, so the selection can be overwhelming. As you examine a provider, look for the following characteristics:

  • Simple upgrades: Determine if you should keep elements of an existing analog system if you have one. A competent provider can use SIP trunking to bring your traditional system up to date.
  • Choice of advanced features: Decide which productivity components your business requires. Ensure your prospective provider offers those vital elements but won’t charge you for unnecessary capabilities.
  • Ease of use: Peruse the dashboards and client testimonials to see how easy the system is to install and operate. Verify that all departments have easy access to their regular communications channels.

Discuss these points with the appropriate parties to ensure your system can do everything you need to keep your team productive.

How To Know if Your Network Can Handle Corporate VoIP System

Traditional phone systems require sufficient space and infrastructure for installation. A corporate VoIP system eliminates those concerns, but you still need the digital “space” (or bandwidth) to handle your service.

Any issues with your network can lead to low-quality voice and video conversations that can harm your reputation and bottom line. Determine how much bandwidth you’ll require by the number of users, amount of use, and features you’ll deploy.

Where possible, opt for wired Ethernet for the most stable connections. Your provider can also help you determine which connectivity equipment will serve you best. Further, confirm that remote employees maintain sufficient bandwidth and have acceptable equipment.

If you have a Bring Your Own Device policy, you’ll want to check on the caliber of the equipment in-office employees use, as well. Consider investing in company-owned devices if necessary to present a strong brand image.

Top Corporate VoIP System Features

Consider this brief breakdown of the many features you can access with a corporate VoIP phone system.

Auto Attendants

An auto attendant is a program that serves as your virtual receptionist. The system answers and forwards incoming calls according to your business hours, queues, and caller importance. The service saves you money and improves the customer experience.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR takes your auto attendant to another level. Callers can speak or input a response to direct their inquiry to a specific individual or department. A user-friendly dashboard helps you set up your IVR without needing any expert programming skills.

Desktop and Mobile Apps for Softphone Capabilities

A corporate VoIP phone system allows your team members to use their personal devices to answer calls or forward them to other machines while on the move. This capability is possible with convenient apps you can install on smart devices.

Call details are easy to sync across your company ecosystem with these apps. Using these softphone features also ensures organizational communications stay within your company’s domain, so you still own them and can monitor activity.

Additional Advanced Features

Other advanced features include:

Keep your productivity high with these components and more.

Get the Complete Corporate VoIP System Today With Intermedia

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Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

August 23, 2023

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