12 Things You Can Do With a VoIP Phone System

June 12, 2023

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If you’re unfamiliar with using a VoIP phone, the idea of making the switch could seem complex. However, the acronym (which stands for “voice over internet protocol”) is merely another way of saying “online phone service.”

In fact, you have likely used or connected to a VoIP phone without realizing it. The technology has been around for decades and has matured into a powerhouse with a rich set of features.

How can a VoIP phone system enhance and advance your organization? We’ll share 12 of the most impressive features and benefits here.

Key Takeaways:

  • A VoIP phone system saves you money, is easy to set up, and offers maximum mobility for your team.
  • VoIP services are secure and easy to scale. 
  • A VoIP phone can offer your company the best call quality and advanced features, such as voicemail to email, virtual numbers, faxing, archiving, and auto attendants.
  • VoIP phones can integrate with business software to maximize your productivity.

1. Lower Your Costs by Using a VoIP Phone System

There are no two ways around it; money is a concern for every business. Still, a practical upfront investment can often save money in the long term.

Fortunately, the cost of setting up a VoIP system is a fraction of the expense of a traditional private branch exchange. The reason is unified communications through VoIP can be totally virtual. Your provider hosts all of the expensive hardware. 

With a solid internet connection, you also gain access to long-distance and international calls at no extra costs.

2. Simplify Your Setup and Modifications

Since you don’t need considerable hardware and equipment, you also don’t have to wait on time-consuming installations. A simple VoIP phone system can be up in a matter of hours with expert onboarding and migration. Also, an online dashboard allows you to modify features as you wish without needing a technician to come to your office.

3. Gain Total Mobility

Online capabilities deliver maximum mobility. VoIP phone numbers can work on dedicated devices you obtain or on other smart devices with a convenient app

Team members can take calls at their desks or on mobile phones and switch seamlessly between each. Whether your team is in-office, remote, or hybrid, everyone has the same great benefits and connectivity.

4. Access Outstanding Security

Remote and mobile work doesn’t mean you have to compromise your data security or regulatory compliance. Actually, your information becomes more secure as your provider can archive conversations in heavily protected data centers.

This hosted solution also safeguards you with superior data backup in case of large-scale emergencies or disasters.

5. Achieve Ultimate Scalability

The seasonality of a business can make planning and budgeting a challenge. Administrative control of your VoIP phone system allows you to add, remove, or modify features and users with a few taps. Add-ons are immediately available when you need them, and you can temporarily cut back as necessary.

6. Experience High-Definition Quality

The same internet power that lets you stream your favorite shows in 4K allows you to have clear call quality. If you have access to high-speed internet, VoIP phone connectivity is the optimal calling solution.

7. Enjoy Advanced Voicemail

You can’t always stop to take a call, and callers may not want or be able to stop and text or email you. With voicemail transcription, you can quickly read the message and decide how to reply.

You can also receive voicemails in your email inbox, where you can read them or listen to the playback. This feature helps you preserve your workflow for peak productivity.

8. Set Up Virtual VoIP Phone Numbers for Privacy and Brand Consistency 

Online phones typically come with virtual numbers, which offer callers increased privacy and anonymity. Your team can take calls from the company line on their own devices without giving away their personal numbers.

Your VoIP phone system lets you supply remote team members with numbers using the same area code. You can also give them extensions from the main company line. This attribute lets you provide a unified appearance and consistent brand identity.

9. Integrate Business Software 

A favorite VoIP phone feature for companies is the ability to integrate business apps with communications software. Toggling between different programs for data input can slowly drain your efficiency. Software integrations permit seamless and accurate data collection to keep things moving.

10. Use Online Faxing

Just because you move ahead technologically with your communications doesn’t mean you have to leave your more traditional partners and clients behind. An excellent VoIP phone system lets you receive, view, and manage faxes as email attachments or via the web without an extra phone line.

Interestingly, the global fax services market is seeing a resurgence with a projected compound annual growth rate of 11%. Online fax capabilities keep you connected with this valuable market segment.

11. Record and Archive Conversations

A record of interactions on your company lines can be of tremendous benefit. Not only do you meet various legal and regulatory standards, but you also have a rich store of information for monitoring team performance and improving your training.

Your VoIP phone system can automatically record and archive conversations. Additionally, advanced analytical software can provide you with insights into the tone and content of a discussion at a glance.

12. Utilize Automated Attendants

The rise of international commerce means attending to customers at all hours of the day. Even with a robust team of representatives, you still need help accepting and funneling calls to the right individuals.

VoIP phones provide easy access to auto attendants that complement interactive voice response software. These user-friendly programs save you money, attend to callers promptly, and let your team focus on more critical tasks.

Work With the Top VoIP Phone Provider in the Business

We could go on forever telling you about even more great features of VoIP phones. However, we’re sure that you get the point by now. The only question that remains is: Who should be your VoIP phone provider?

You literally have hundreds of options for phone service, but you don’t have to sift through each one to find the best. Talk to the team at Intermedia to find a VoIP phone that lets you communicate how you want, wherever you are.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

June 12, 2023

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