Cost Savings with Unified Communications: Reduce Expenses and Improve the Value of Your Technology

December 5, 2022

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Every business seeks cost reduction in every element of operations. Eliminating waste, legacy software, and inefficient processes offers a clear path to savings. If you’re looking to curb your IT budget in the year ahead, you’ll want to know about cost savings with UCaaS (unified communications as a service).

In this post, find out how much you can save by adopting UCaaS and all the other benefits of having a comprehensive platform for communications and collaboration.

An Uncertain and Changing Landscape Means Companies Need to Rethink Tools

There’s significant uncertainty in the economy as inflation soars. Adding to this is the shifting definition of work. Hybrid work models have become the norm, which means employees work in different environments, but you want them all to have the same access to technology and equitable experiences with it. Your organization is missing the boat if your current system is only available at a physical location. By 2024, 93.5 million workers in the U.S. will be mobile.

You can reduce costs, ensure access, and deliver better user experiences when you migrate to UCaaS. Such a platform includes voice, video, chat, and file backup and sharing. Your employees won’t need to go back and forth between applications. In addition, the tools are usable through desktop and mobile apps. Staff can work from wherever without limitations.

Modern businesses must be agile and flexible, which is possible with UCaaS. On-premises phone systems are holding you back and costing you considerably!

Let’s look at the cost savings you can enjoy with UCaaS.

Costs Savings with UCaaS

In looking at the cost savings associated with UCaaS, it comes from several areas.

Avoid Hardware Costs in Scaling Up or Down

You should only be paying for the services you need. A flexible platform makes it easy to make shifts as the market does, accounting for seasonal spikes and lows. With an on-premises system, you have hardware scoped to a specific number of users.

As your company changes, that number could increase or decrease. You may not be able to predict these numbers, but you don’t have to with a cloud communications system. Instead, the solution uses a pay-as-you-go subscription pricing. As a result, you can have a more accurate budget number for each month without any hardware surprise fees.

Eliminate Technical Fees for Adding, Moving, or Changing Users

Do you currently need technical assistance to add, move, or change a user? If so, you may be paying for these services. With UCaaS, you don’t. When you need to take these actions, you can do it yourself through an easy administrative control interface.

Remove Upgrading Costs from Your Budget

On-premises communication systems need to undergo regular upgrades. In some cases, they need total replacement. This type of expense occurs, in most cases, every five years, and it’s very expensive. In fact, the estimated cost of doing so is $800 to $1,000 per employee. Unified communications platforms remove these costs from your budget.

Get Rid of à La Carte Service Expenses

If you’re equipping employees with à la carte features using multiple systems, you can get rid of these with an all-in-one consolidated solution. Consolidating communication and collaboration tools into one bill each month will reduce spending.

Migrate to UCaaS for Overall Monthly Expense Reduction

On-premises phones come with a hefty price tag. The approximate cost for 50 users is about $1,500, which includes hardware leases, lines, maintenance, and more. Once you transition to UCaaS, you can cut this price significantly and eliminate any hardware costs related to servers. It’s just one monthly fee for all the features your team needs to be productive.

Mitigate Downtime Costs with a Reliable System

Downtime of your communications platform can cost you in terms of revenue and reputation. The availability and reliability of on-premises systems are much less than cloud communications. It can be incredibly costly if you don’t have redundancy and business continuity models. Moving to UCaaS, you can expect 99.999 percent uptime.

What Else Can You Expect with UCaaS?

UCaaS enables so many ways to reduce your technology budget. You can then use that money to drive revenue growth. UCaaS also comes with more benefits for you and your staff that add value to your tech stack, including:

  • Increased productivity of employees, as they no longer have to use multiple systems to communicate and collaborate
  • More robust security around all your communications and files, including automatic updates
  • Easier collaboration with advanced video conferencing features and the ability to co-edit files simultaneously
  • Improved customer experiences because your team can access information through CRM (customer relationship management) integrations
  • Reduced burden on in-house IT teams for these platforms, as your provider updates, monitors, and maintains the technology
  • More engaged employees who feel they have what they need to do their jobs
  • Greater adoption of the tools because they are easy to learn and use without long hours of training during onboarding

UCaaS makes great sense for businesses that want to reduce IT costs while providing employees with a superior platform.

UCaaS Cost Savings: Realize Them Now with Intermedia Unite

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Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

December 5, 2022

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