Creating More Efficient and Effective Customer Interactions with Intermedia Contact Center and Envision Analytics

January 9, 2024

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In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business environment, fostering exceptional customer interactions is non-negotiable. Intermedia Contact Center, designed to simplify and enhance customer engagements across various communications channels, including phone calls, chat, SMS, and email, and powered by advanced technologies such as AI, automation, virtual agents, and smart call routing, exemplifies efficiency. This cloud-based solution not only allows employees to provide exceptional customer care from any location, ensuring flexibility and accessibility but has also become pivotal in driving operational excellence and enriching the overall customer experience without straining resources.

And, as businesses increasingly rely on the Intermedia Contact Center platform to streamline and facilitate better customer care, the integration of Envision Analytics marks a significant leap forward in creating more insightful and enduring customer connections.

Envision Analytics: Driving Stronger Customer Interactions and Business Performance

Envision Analytics is a transformative addition to Intermedia Contact Center, taking customer interactions to new heights. The Envision Analytics dashboards and reports serve as powerful tools, harnessing real-time and historical interaction data to provide supervisors with in-depth insights to make more informed, responsive decisions, and in turn, foster smarter work practices, heightened productivity, and superior customer care.

Key Features of Envision Analytics for Intermedia Contact Center include:

  • Queues Dashboard: This customizable dashboard showcases historical call queue performance metrics, including service levels, average talk times, and abandoned calls. Supervisors can focus on key performance indicators aligned with their objectives, making data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Agent Dashboard: Offering a user-friendly visualization tool for frontline user (agent) call performance, this dashboard provides comprehensive insights into individual frontline user performance metrics. Supervisors can easily track and optimize their team’s performance, leading to improved customer service.

Continued Innovation and Enhancement:

In the past year, Intermedia has also introduced new and enhanced Envision Analytics dashboards and reports for its all-in-one communications, collaboration, and productivity solution, Intermedia Unite. These additions include:

  • Service Adoption Dashboard: Assists in optimizing Unite services utilization within organizations.
  • Historical Voice Calls Dashboard: Offers an improved overview of call activity with additional KPIs and enhanced navigation.
  • User Activity Report: Provides a deeper breakdown of individual user behavior for better resource optimization.

Intermedia remains dedicated to empowering businesses with innovative solutions that create lasting and loyal customer relationships and greater business performance. The introduction of Intermedia Envision Analytics for Intermedia Contact Center once again demonstrates this commitment, providing the tools and the data that enable businesses to excel in today’s competitive landscape.

Rob Oscanyan

Rob is Director for Product Marketing for Contact Center as a Service here at Intermedia.

January 9, 2024

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