Enterprise Contact Center Solutions: The Definitive Guide

February 20, 2023

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Personalized attention and clear communication are two elements that elevate a business above its competitors and motivate customers to spend more money. Enterprise contact center solutions are often the best way for a business to interact with customers who need help.

However, many companies have legitimate concerns about the cost, security, and reliability of a contact center. Those concerns amplify for businesses needing a remote or hybrid solution.

Learn how the right Contact Center as a Service software fulfills a business’s current and future needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enterprise contact center solutions are usually the optimal modern customer service system.
  • CCaaS offers security, omnichannel support, and valuable analytics.
  • Contact centers are superior to call centers.
  • Businesses adopting enterprise contact center solutions need to work with the right vendor for onboarding and support.

What Are Enterprise Contact Center Solutions?

An enterprise business needs a sizable staff, multiple locations, and substantial resources to remain competitive with others in its class. Such companies have traditionally installed expensive equipment and physical phone lines for customer call centers.

Enterprise contact center solutions are online software that permits a business to manage all communication channels in one system. A company can use its existing connected devices without purchasing new equipment. The service can also offer many more benefits and features than traditional call centers.

What Are the Benefits of CCaaS Enterprise Contact Center Solutions?

CCaaS is suitable for enterprise contact center solutions for many reasons. Businesses that run traditional call centers must invest in equipment and software. Maintenance requires spending for an on-premises team or waiting on technicians. A CCaaS subscription ensures 24/7 support and onboarding to help a team gain proficiency with the product.

The solution streamlines how businesses guide the customer journey by putting all interactions into one system. Customer service supervisors and agents have all communications with an individual in one location in the interface. This organization helps them better understand the customer’s history and provide better service.

The right enterprise contact center solutions simplify operations because all of the components of a contact center and internal communications are with one provider. A business saves time dealing with a single vendor and can take advantage of discounts by combining services.

Cloud capabilities permit teammates to move to a bring-your-own-device system. With the CCaaS app on employees’ personal machines, vital details stay secure with strong encryption.

The service also boosts productivity. Management teams get deep analytics and reporting that provide actionable insights. For example, a company can review the history of interactions and other data to determine what products a customer is likely to buy. The company can also integrate coaching solutions and practices to assist contact center agents in getting an upsell.

All of these features are only a fraction of what enterprise contact center solutions can offer.

Who Needs Enterprise Contact Center Solutions?

Any business that needs to communicate regularly with clientele and prospects should investigate acquiring a contact center service subscription. The software streamlines operations to save capital and time. For example, an excellent CCaaS automates routine functions for inbound and outbound calls. 

Companies in the following industries often require a contact center to expand rapidly and compete effectively:

  • Real estate firms
  • Software and technology providers
  • Health care providers
  • Educational institutions

Even if a company has a contact center, it should review the return on investment with its current arrangement. The following questions can highlight the need to make a change:

  • Are sales teams missing quotas because of not having sufficient customer insights?
  • Could the company automate calls with click-to-dial or preloaded call lists to boost efficiency and reach more leads?
  • Is the resolution time on customer service queries not up to industry standards because the team lacks skill-based call routing to direct inquiries to a qualified representative?
  • Can interactive voice response speed up bill payments and optimize customer interactions?

Many other circumstances could motivate acquiring or switching enterprise contact center solutions. Any company moving to hybrid or remote operations also needs to investigate CCaaS. The software has the tools to connect the team in all locations and offers management the ease of overseeing and managing operations remotely.

What Is the Difference Between a Call Center and a Contact Center?

Some people refer to call centers and contact centers as the same thing, but the two services have some differences. As the name implies, call centers deal specifically with phone calls. Handling phone calls is a necessary part of many business operations, but voice alone is becoming insufficient to cover all the needs of customers who desire multiple touchpoints.

Contact centers address various methods of interacting with customers, enhancing customer service. Voice calls over the internet are foundational to the service. However, chat, email, conferencing, and video calls are also available with CCaaS. Additionally, the software provides call transcription and analytics for metrics.

Smaller companies with minimal customer interaction might suffice with only a call center. However, the flexibility and cost-efficiency of modern enterprise contact center solutions allow a business to adopt only the necessary features. The company can add other functions as it grows.

How Does a Business Decide on the Right Enterprise Contact Center Solutions?

A quick search for CCaaS brings up a seemingly never-ending list of enterprise contact center solutions. Companies don’t have to keep searching to find a service that checks all the boxes for their organizations, whether large or boutique. Reach out to learn more about Intermedia’s comprehensive Contact Center customer service software.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

February 20, 2023

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