How To Get the Best Virtual Contact Center Software for Your Business

June 22, 2023

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Traditional support centers have evolved beyond cubicle-filled offices in corporate buildings. Many companies are now turning to virtual contact center software.

In fact, cloud-based and hybrid contact centers now outnumber traditional call centers by a wide margin. Businesses value the advanced features and flexibility this arrangement allows.

However, countless options exist. Judging one against another can be challenging for newcomers.

Learn what makes virtual contact center software unique. Also, determine the characteristics that define a top solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Virtual contact center software is a platform that connects remote support teams through the internet.
  • The best software solutions are truly virtual and only require an internet connection and smart devices.
  • Top virtual contact centers deliver cost savings, excellent customer support, robust training tools, and outstanding security.
  • An exceptional virtual contact center should have productivity software integrations, omnichannel communications, and an array of advanced features.

Understand What Virtual Contact Center Software Is

Virtual contact center software allows an organization to manage a support team completely over the internet. Agents can work anywhere if they have a secure online connection and an account on their employer’s contact center platform.

Top-tier virtual contact center software now works better than traditional call centers. These solutions operate so seamlessly that customers cannot tell the difference.

The following features are critical for a top-tier contact center solution.

Look for Flexibility and Freedom

Virtual contact center software should be just what it says it is: virtual. Users must be able to set up operations without installing phone lines. The freedom and flexibility also permit a quick setup and rapid troubleshooting.

On top of that, virtual connections allow you to use internet-connected devices your company already owns. You could even allow team members to connect to your system with personal devices. 

Another benefit is that your company does not have to restrict itself to hiring agents in one location. You can recruit top talent from around the world.

Your team could use the software to run an on-premises contact center if practical. However, the setup doesn’t require infrastructure beyond connections for electricity and internet.

Determine the Cost Savings

Your company saves substantial revenue by avoiding the expense of equipment and installation when you use virtual contact center software. You may not have to lease or own a physical business office at all.

The freedom to hire anywhere also means you can find remote employees in locations where the cost of living and the average salary is lower. Plus, you eliminate long-distance calling charges when you use voice over internet protocol for phone calls. 

Verify That Customer Support Is Top-Notch

One of the few things that makes companies hesitant to switch to virtual contact software is leaving the management of the system in the provider’s hands. You don’t have direct access to your hardware and equipment for troubleshooting.

It minimizes worries about resolving challenges when your provider has award-winning support. Verify that superior support starts at onboarding and continues with 24/7 availability. Your provider should have an obsession with excellent service and customer satisfaction.

Identify the Training Tools

The success of your contact center comes down to how well your agents can meet the needs of callers. However, training doesn’t have to be difficult just because your team is remote.

Your virtual contact center software provides you with tools that make it seem like you are right beside your agents to assist them. For example, call monitoring lets you listen in silently to conversations.

Unified communications mean you can text or chat online with the agent to offer guidance during the call. You can also use call whispering to coach the agent without the caller hearing your voice.

Call recording and interaction analytics give supervisors a detailed record of interactions and the tenor of conversations. You can then review these calls with the agent to highlight areas for improvement and spotlight a great performance.

Never Compromise on Security

Callers tend to reach out when they have complex problems that they can’t solve with an online FAQ or automated chat. These situations might involve serious or confidential matters that demand utmost privacy.

Whether you’re in a field with strict regulations or just want to reassure clients of confidentiality, your virtual contact center software needs to have outstanding security. The right provider should have multiple international data centers to meet privacy laws no matter where your team resides.

Seek Software Integrations

Your agents depend on productivity tools to solve problems quickly. Find a contact center solution that integrates with popular platforms for customer relationship and workforce management solutions.

Top providers also offer developer tools so you can connect custom apps and solutions to your contact center.

Ensure You’ll Have Omnichannel Communications

There’s a reason why it’s virtual contact center software, not just a call center. Customers want to be able to reach you not just through phone calls but also video, chat, and text messaging.

Your support center should be able to communicate effortlessly with clients in multiple ways. However, multichannel communications are no longer enough.

When customers reach out over email or text, they don’t want to have to repeat the issue on a later call or message. Contact centers with omnichannel communications work with your CRM to keep interaction details with an individual or entity in one file.

Now your agents have practically everything they need to know about a caller in one spot. The customer experience improves, and employees appreciate transactions with minimal friction.

Examine the Advanced Features

Great virtual contact center software has loads of features that simplify operations and automate tedious tasks. Look for the following characteristics:

  • Automatic call distribution
  • Interactive voice response and auto attendants
  • Omnichannel and skill-based call routing
  • Reports for agent performance

With these elements, you have even more help to boost productivity and efficiency.

Choose Virtual Contact Center Software That Enhances Your Business

Intermedia provides virtual contact center software that gives you smarter customer engagement wherever your team operates. Elevate your customer support with Intermedia Contact Center by requesting a call at a convenient time.

Rob Oscanyan

Rob is Director for Product Marketing for Contact Center as a Service here at Intermedia.

June 22, 2023

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