Improve Customer Satisfaction and Agent Performance with Intermedia’s AI-Powered Evaluator Tool

December 7, 2022

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Without exceptional customer service, your company will lose customers. It’s estimated that 90 percent of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company.

The problem is that unless managers have the ability to dive deep into interactions, they won’t have a clear picture of how successful the customer service team is. And digging into those employee-customer conversations is time-consuming, leaving supervisors and management teams without a good solution.

That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. With Intermedia’s intelligent Evaluator Tool – an AI-backed feature for our contact center system – supervisors have access to quality management tools that make evaluating interactions easy, efficient, and empowering.

Read on to find out what an intelligent Contact Center can do for your business.

Why Evaluation Tools Are Important for Customer Support Success

Your company might have excellent contact center care best practices in place – such as quality training, seamless communications, and an effective process for evaluating metrics and making improvements where needed. But traditionally, the contact center lacks an efficient way to evaluate interactions.

  • Supervisors have to jump from window to window to access conversations from different agents and sift through call recordings to find ones to review.
  • The process of reading customer transcripts, listening to conversation recordings, and taking notes to evaluate a recording is time-consuming.

Ultimately, because evaluation processes are inefficient, supervisors don’t have time to regularly review agent performance, which means agents aren’t getting the feedback they need to be successful and customer services issues might be slipping by unnoticed.

But with a tool that streamlines the evaluation process, contact center managers and supervisors can review and evaluate interactions, agents receive the feedback they need to improve, and customer service shortfalls are more likely to be recognized and quickly resolved.

How the Evaluator Tool Works

The Evaluator Tool is a feature that’s built into Intermedia Contact Center. It’s purpose-built to streamline the evaluation process for contact centers, and it works alongside AI-based Interaction Analytics, which automatically evaluates every transcription to determine whether the sentiment of the conversation was positive, negative, or neutral.

With the Evaluator Tool, managers can access all the information they need to review interactions, dive deeper into communications, and generate useful feedback and insights that can help enhance agent performance. They can see everything from sentiment analytics to which agents have reviewed their feedback. 



This tool allows supervisors and the management team to identify conversations that should be prioritized and distinguishes the type of interaction for easier organization.


They can also read the transcription or listen to a call recording within the Evaluator Tool. While listening, they can create notes to mark any parts of the interaction that stood out, and the tool will automatically time-stamp each comment.

Managers can also leave feedback and set up a conversation with agents to invite them to collaborate on the evaluation process. They can leave comments on any feedback, ask questions, and more.

All of this happens within one tool, keeping evaluation data in one place, saving time, and making the process more collaborative and useful for contact center agents.

The Benefits of Intermedia Contact Center’s Evaluator Tool

A better evaluation process can have a huge impact on your business. Here’s how:

Saved Time

Instead of performing an evaluation in stages and using multiple tools, with Intermedia’s AI-powered Contact Center, supervisors and managers can go through the entire process from one screen. They can identify conversations to prioritize, begin evaluating, make comments, and then create and send feedback all in one sitting. This convenience simplifies the evaluation process, allowing supervisors to evaluate more conversations and provide better feedback.

More Engaged Employees

With ongoing evaluations, employees won’t feel like they’re left in the dark when it comes to their performance. This can help to increase engagement and reduce turnover – studies show that employees are 87 percent less likely to quit if they’re highly engaged.

Better Customer Service

When supervisors provide clear and regular feedback, agents know exactly what they can do to improve. The contact center management team also has another layer of information to use to gauge performance and recognize if there are emerging problems – and if there are, they can then make changes to fix issues before they get out of control.

For example, if a contact center manager learns that customers aren’t reacting positively to script text agents are told to use, they can refine the conversation. If several agents are all struggling with specific call issues, managers know they require better training.

The bottom line is that traditional contact center metrics are useful, but they’re not enough. When you have a tool that combines metrics and conversation analytics, managers can foster an effective customer service team.

Empower Your Contact Center Team to Deliver Exceptional Service on Every Call

Evaluation is a critical part of operating a successful contact center, but the traditional evaluation and review process is time and resource-heavy. Advanced technology backed by artificial intelligence changes that. Intermedia Contact Center’s Evaluator Tool provides managers and supervisors with everything they need to evaluate, review, and collaborate with agents, leading to better outcomes, more engaged employees, and more impactful customer service.

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Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

December 7, 2022

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