Protect your business and increase employee productivity with new Intermedia Unite® Spam Caller Protection

July 18, 2019

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Quick: What’s your first reaction when the phone rings?

The data tells us that you aren’t likely to pick up.

In fact, 70% of Americans won’t pick up the phone if they don’t recognize the incoming number1, and almost 52% of ALL calls go unanswered2 due to the huge increases in robocalls over the last few years. In fact, in 2018 about 146 average robocalls were placed last year for every single person in America.3

While the telecom industry is slowly making changes to deal with this issue, it will likely be years before a standard is deployed. Meanwhile, spam and fraudulent calls will continue to cost workers millions of dollars in terms of both wasted time, and stolen money – over $10B in 2018 alone.4

For all these reasons, Intermedia has opted to take an industry-leadership position by helping our customers to solve this problem now, using the most advanced analytics-based filtering tools available – and doing it at no additional cost.

Detect – Alert – Block

The phone is the lifeblood of your business. Your employees deserve, and should expect, a positive experience using the phone system at their place of employment – without fear of picking up.

Intermedia’s new service for Unite customers, Spam Caller Protection, includes sophisticated detection tools which sniff out calls originated by autodialers, and recognizes known spammers and scammers. It alerts your employees of unwanted calls before they answer by displaying a clear warning on the Caller ID screen, or Administrators can even choose to block these calls from reaching employees entirely.

Don’t Settle for Watered-Down Spam Filtering

Spam Caller Protection is not a simple blacklist, and it won’t ask your callers to “Press 1 to be connected to an agent” as a stopgap to dissuade auto-dialed calls. Rather, the Intermedia Spam Caller Protection service is a complete solution that detects spam and fraud – whether it’s a live call or a robocall – and stops it in its tracks before it rings a single phone in your office.

Intermedia utilizes an extremely broad range of sources to bring you what we feel is the best spam blocking service in the market today. The service checks the inbound caller ID, call lists, FCC complaints, calling patterns, and external blacklists to flag and classify the risk of every single phone call our users receive.

These sources, along with a bevy of other real-time analytics tools, combine to give Intermedia users an experience vastly differentiated from other cloud-based business phone service providers. They help keep your phones clear of time-wasting spam calls and also keep your business and employees safe from scammers looking to steal money – or information.

Here’s what John Jennings, CEO of Envision Technology, says about Spam Caller Protection:

As a Unite user and Intermedia partner, I’m excited to see Intermedia bringing new tools online to help us all fight the scourge of spam calls. Intermedia always brings their A-game, and this feature is no exception. Unmatched reliability, ease of use, and automatic blocking of spam calls? It’s a home run.

Free for Unite Customers

While others who offer a similar service are eager to charge for this feature, Spam Caller Protection is completely free for Unite customers. And, it extends to virtually every Unite device you have, including your Unite desktop and mobile applications.

You can enable Spam Caller Protection by simply logging into your HostPilot account and navigating to Voice Services> Settings > Spam Calls. And check out our video to see it in action.




Mark Sher

Mark is the Senior Vice President of Unified Communications, Product and Marketing at Intermedia.

July 18, 2019

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