The No-BS Guide to Choosing a UCaaS Vendor

March 31, 2023

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Even if business is booming, one thing you’ll never have a surplus of is time. When it comes to choosing your UCaaS vendor for reselling white label unified communications, you need straight talk and no bull.

Delaying your choice could be costing you and your customers. This market continues to grow quickly, with a projected rate of 14.3% between 2022 to 2028. 

If you don’t offer your clients the benefits of unified communications, someone else will. Find out precisely what you need to know about selecting a communications vendor.

Key Takeaways:

  • A solid UCaaS vendor offers an integrated communications system that blends internal and external channels with other productivity software and processes.
  • Choose a partner with high marks in the categories of service, security, and innovation.
  • Your partner must be reliable and offer you flexibility in how you resell products and manage the customer relationship.

Understand What a UCaaS Vendor Provides

A unified communications as a service platform brings all business communication channels into one system. These channels include voice calls, text messaging, email, video conferencing, online chat, and more.

The best software also integrates these channels with the user’s third-party software. Coordinating communications, collaboration, and productivity tools streamlines a company’s activities for enhanced efficiency.

Working with a reliable UCaaS vendor allows you to sell a ready-built product that your clientele can quickly implement. Consequently, selecting the right provider helps you and your clients stay competitive.

Look for Outstanding Integration

Stats show that 75% of UCaaS users experience heightened productivity, and the system saves up to 50% on operating costs. However, the abundance of options means that end users value simplicity and uniformity more than ever. 

A UCaaS platform can’t boost a company’s productivity when the team has to jump through hoops to synchronize data in collaboration tools and productivity software. 

For example, your customers might also require contact center software. You should be able to offer unified communications that blend with that service to prevent siloing and other obstacles to efficiency. 

Make sure your provider offers seamless interaction of voice, messaging, email, and other communication channels. Information should flow effortlessly between apps and function well with the most common business productivity software.

For greater customization, your UCaaS vendor should offer a portal that allows developers to integrate with custom apps through APIs. As a reseller, these developer tools allow you to create proprietary apps that cater to your ideal clientele.

Don’t Skimp on Service for You or Your Customers

The level of support is even more important than the price of your communications service. Problems will arise, whether from human error, onboarding, or the occasional challenge with the product. Customers will turn away quickly if service is poor and drag your reputation through the dirt as they leave. 

Unfortunately, the telecommunications industry has long held a reputation for slow and unresponsive service. Stand out with a UCaaS vendor that has award-winning support.

Whether you are white-labeling a product or co-branding, your provider’s service represents you. Choose a company with guaranteed round-the-clock support to ensure little to no downtime.

Excellent customer service includes online training and resources that allow end users to discover the tools they need on their own without always having to call support. A comprehensive library is vital for those who prefer to solve problems independently when possible.

Put a Priority on Security

The top issue that makes companies hesitate to adopt cloud solutions is security. However, since the majority of business is conducted online and these communications must be on someone’s server, the real issue is: How secure is your communications provider?

Communications data centers must meet industry compliance standards and local regulations to be a good fit for end users. Work with a UCaaS vendor that has control of their data centers and can offer state-of-the-art security.

Certain industries are especially sensitive to the need for confidentiality. If you resell to anyone in the legal, medical, or financial professions, get the details from a prospective vendor that demonstrate you can offer a communications product that your customers never have to worry about.

Stick With a Company That Remains Innovative

The communications field will only continue to evolve. You need to work with a company that continues to bring new features to market so you can satisfy your customers. Your UCaaS vendor should remain at the cutting edge of communications innovations.

Opt for Flexibility

You’re looking for a partner, not a new boss. You should be able to set your pricing and have a say in managing your customer relationship. 

Ensure that the channel partnership you’re selecting is not just a referral program with a commission. Find out how white-labeling or co-branding works with a provider and verify that you have the freedom to set your prices as a reseller. If you lack control, you’re just a glorified salesperson for another company.

Of course, situations arise where you may not want to own the relationship. Your UCaaS vendor should offer you the ability to sell the way you want on a customer-by-customer basis.

Ensure That Your Partner Is Reliable

Another potential challenge with cloud solutions is the ability for newcomers to pop up on the market and offer grand promises for a fraction of what an established provider charges. While cost when reselling is a key factor, your profits dry up when your UCaaS vendor isn’t consistent or trustworthy.

Choose a communications provider with a substantial track record and expertise in the field. Read testimonials from other resellers and check industry reviews to ensure you have a reliable partner.

Contact the Top UCaaS Vendor for a Winning Partnership

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Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

March 31, 2023

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