VoIP Contact Center Essentials: The Only Guide You Need

January 24, 2024

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Are you doing everything you can to connect with customers and provide them with an amazing experience? If you’re not using a VoIP contact center, you could be letting your clients down and leaving money on the table.

Various studies find that using a modern contact center has a direct impact on your revenue and profitability. For example, reports show that 97% of consumers state that contact center interactions influence their brand loyalty, and companies that prioritize the customer experience see three times higher revenue growth.

Does your call center have everything you need to stay competitive? Discover how VoIP contact centers work and which system is right for your team. 

Key Takeaways:

  • A VoIP contact center is a virtual system that allows you to manage inbound and outbound communications with a hybrid or fully remote team of agents. 
  • Any business that needs to handle a high volume of communications for customer support or outbound sales and marketing should use a VoIP contact center. 
  • VoIP systems are better than on-premise call centers because they don’t require purchasing extra hardware, and they work anywhere your employees have an internet connection.

What Is a VoIP Contact Center?

A VoIP contact center is an online business phone system that handles high call volumes. Additionally, the service allows you to automate omnichannel customer support, meaning outside parties can reach you through any digital medium.

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” It works by digitizing audio signals into compact packets and sending them through the internet while retaining high-definition quality. 

As a web-based service, you don’t need tons of physical equipment and wiring to connect your team. With smart devices, your agents can access a full-fledged contact center from anywhere. 

Does Your Company Need a Contact Center?

A VoIP contact center lets you attend to many customers efficiently. As a result, you can improve customer satisfaction with a responsive help desk for product and technical support. Such attentiveness improves client retention and increases opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

You can also use a contact center for high-powered sales and marketing. You can efficiently reach out to hundreds of consumers while tracking interactions and collecting data to boost your performance. Whether inbound, outbound, or both, a contact center enhances your company’s communications.

Why Are Companies With Call Centers Switching to VoIP?

A VoIP contact center offers the most features at the lowest cost for the highest return on investment. First, you don’t need to own or lease offices for agents to work in as you would with a traditional call center. Instead, you can hire remote and hybrid employees. 

Remote work offers two outstanding advantages. One is that you can easily cover multiple time zones and provide personalized attention by hiring agents in your customers’ locations. Additionally, you expand your hiring pool to find qualified employees in areas where salaries line up with your budget.

Cloud-based contact centers also allow you to scale immediately as you grow. Adding new lines and capabilities is easy inside your administrative portal and requires no on-site technical support. 

Also, your agents and supervisors have an improved and more flexible working experience, which reduces employee turnover and its associated expenses. Naturally, happy and knowledgeable agents interact better with customers and improve your brand image. 

Which Contact Center Features Meet Your Business’s Needs?

A successful VoIP contact center offers the latest features. Ensure your contact center has the following attributes.

Interactive Voice Response

With IVR, callers can select which agents or departments they want to talk to using their dial pad or a vocal response. Find an IVR system that is so simple to set up that you can do it yourself in minutes. 

Automatic Call Distribution

Help callers get to the appropriate parties even faster. ACD swiftly routes a call to the first available agent to reduce waiting time. Furthermore, intelligent routing can ensure that calls only proceed to agents with the appropriate skill set. You can also route calls by location and customer preference.

Reporting and Analytical Dashboards

Use built-in reporting features to understand your team’s performance. You won’t have to call a technical support department to access reports because it’s all at your fingertips. Track call volume patterns, customer wait times, and customer satisfaction with comprehensive analytics. 

Unified Communications Integrations

Your VoIP contact center does not have to be a separate system from your business line. You can have one application that permits internal collaboration and communication while attending to customers. For example, agents can clearly see which fellow employees are available to bring additional expertise into a conversation for quicker resolutions. 

Comprehensive Software Integrations

Enhance your VoIP contact center by utilizing other business tools that allow you to boost productivity. For instance, you can connect your customer relationship management, workforce management, or ticketing software to your system for faster data collection and improved analytics and reporting.

How Do You Set Up and Maintain a VoIP Contact Center?

Setting up a VoIP contact center is easier than you might imagine. Simply speak with an agent from Intermedia who will help you activate your service. All you need are internet-enabled devices to run the desktop or mobile app.

You determine how many lines and which add-ons you require. Then, our support team assists with onboarding. Once you’re on your feet, you’re never alone because our support center helps you resolve any issues you may encounter as you learn the system.

Are You Ready To Set Up Your VoIP Contact Center?

For an affordable and reliable VoIP contact center that lets you offer improved customer engagement from anywhere, choose Intermedia Contact Center. Request a callback at a convenient time to discuss plans and pricing with one of our representatives.

Rob Oscanyan

Rob is Director for Product Marketing for Contact Center as a Service here at Intermedia.

January 24, 2024

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