What Is a Unified Phone System, and Why Should Your Business Have One?

June 14, 2024

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Good communication means everything to your business’s success. That’s why a unified phone system can be one of your most powerful tools.

With its clear and uncomplicated connections to team members and clients, you strengthen internal operations and your brand image. That’s why the number of businesses using unified communications as a service tripled in three years.

Find out more about unified phone systems and the benefits of switching to such a service.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Unified phone systems combine all of your communications into one service.
  • The service operates over your internet connection, removing the need for any expensive installations.
  • Unified communications provide the greatest cost savings, flexibility, and security.
  • Search for a unified phone system provider that has advanced features and software integrations.

What Is a Unified Phone System, and How Does It Work?

A unified phone system integrates all aspects of your communications into one service. Industry professionals may refer to the system as unified communications as a service and its acronym UCaaS or simply as unified communications (UC).

The key distinction of modern UC systems is their cloud-based functionality. That means you don’t have to install massive servers and various types of software to manage all channels. 

Instead, your provider houses the equipment at a secure off-site location. As a result, you can use your system anywhere with any device running your provider’s software.The system does this by using Voice over Internet Protocol and other technologies. Consequently, you handle voice calls, video calls, text, chat, and email through your existing online connection.

A unified phone system permits phone, video, and text communications using the internet.

What Are the Advantages of Switching to a Unified Phone System?

A unified phone system offers countless benefits for your business.

Cost Savings

For starters, you don’t have to pay for (or wait for) extensive hardware installation. Your monthly or annual phone system bill covers everything you need. You can even bring your own devices and start immediately. Also, you’re saving by bundling all of your communications into a single system. 

Greater Flexibility

Remote and hybrid work aren’t just a benefit for employees. With cloud-based communications, you can seamlessly manage a team of experts from around the world.

This gives you unmatched freedom for hiring and could also negate the expense of purchasing or leasing office space. Plus, this cloud-based service means employees can switch between working on desktop and mobile devices while keeping full functionality. Your office is with you wherever you go.

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Higher Productivity

A unified phone system is a simpler service for you and your employees to operate. You don’t have to bounce around between apps to communicate with clients or collaborate with each other. UC is an all-in-one solution.

Also, keeping files and communications in one service offers quick access to essential information for higher productivity. Advanced archiving streamlines document and data retrieval across devices.

Advanced Data Protection

Importantly, your business’s data stays secure on your company’s platform with a unified phone service. Even when team members bring their own devices, you have what you need for encryption and backup to ensure privacy and compliance.

In addition, UCaaS is the apex of stability and reliability. A guaranteed 99.999% uptime ensures you have service any time you can get online.

What Are the Key Features and Components of a Unified Phone System?

Beyond voice, video, and text messaging, make sure the cloud provider you sign up with has the following features.

Call Recording and Transcription

Call records can be a powerful resource for improving your customer service and employee training. A unified phone system makes it simple to program which calls you record. 

These records might also be essential for regulatory compliance. If so, you don’t need to sign up for a separate service. Your UCaaS already has it.

Auto Attendant and Interactive Voice Response

Be available to callers 24/7 with an automated attendant. Provide convenient self-service features with interactive voice response that lets them manage their accounts or handle basic payments by following system prompts.

Interactive voice response with menu prompts is a top unified phone system feature.

Business Software Integrations

A unified phone system enables you to connect your voice, video, chat, and contact center functions right into your business applications. You’ll save countless minutes and hours by streamlining workflows because team members can make calls and connections right from their business apps.

Integrating customer relationship management software and customer experience apps also lets you quickly collect key data for efficient customer service. Allowing these platforms to seamlessly update each other eliminates mindless data entry and boosts employee engagement. 

AI Assistant

Maybe you’d like to investigate using artificial intelligence in your business, but you worry about accuracy and privacy. You won’t have those concerns when using secure AI within your unified phone system platform.

An excellent example of this is Intermedia’s SPARK AI. The software can access your company’s database to provide internal users with reliable answers while chatting with the program. 

However, the system never trains itself on your proprietary information. You can rest assured that your confidential data stays that way while boosting efficiency and productivity. 

Are You Ready To Set Up Your Company’s Unified Phone System?

Remember, one of the top benefits of a unified phone system is that it’s easier to set up than traditional systems. Contact one of our friendly agents today to see how Intermedia Unite provides you with easy and worry-free communications.

Melinda Curtis

Melinda is the Director of Product Marketing for Intermedia Unite, our premier cloud-based unified communications solution.

June 14, 2024

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