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Why choose a Private Cloud? eWeek helps you answer the question

When companies move their business applications to the cloud, they usually start with the basic questions: What services do we need to move? How does migration work? Who is the best service provider? But as they start down the road to the cloud, they come up against a new question they might not have considered: Do they want a Private Cloud?

That can be a head-scratcher for some companies as they weigh the pros and cons of going with a private deployment versus a managed public deployment. Chris Preimesberger at eWeek has created a great slideshow to help companies work through this question.

Using data from Intermedia’s whitepaper “When is a Private Cloud right for your organization?“, Chris delivers a succinct set of criteria that companies should consider when determining if a private cloud makes sense for their organization.

Chris focuses on several key considerations including integration capabilities, data replication environments, and security options. Chris’ slideshow makes it easier to understand the differences between a managed public cloud and a private cloud and brings to light important points that companies might overlook when researching their options.

Take a look at his slideshow and ask these questions as you explore your options in the cloud. If you want more help, our experts are here to talk you through the process. You can reach us at 800-379-7729. Check out our website more information about Intermedia’s private cloud offerings.

Check out Chris' slideshow over at eWeek to help you choose the right type of cloud for your business

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