Why Healthcare Needs UCaaS Solutions for Better Collaboration

November 17, 2021

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UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) powers communications and collaboration for many industries. Its features drive significant benefits for teams, and healthcare can reap them, too. Healthcare needs UCaaS solutions to facilitate better collaboration in a secure, compliant environment.

If your healthcare organization is considering new technology, UCaaS should be a top priority. Let’s look at why it delivers so many advantages.

Connecting Multiple Teams

Do you have different teams or partners that use disparate systems? That can happen even within the same workplace. Further, you may have multiple locations, complicating things even more.

You can bring everyone together through UCaaS. Consider how much easier it would be for billing to easily communicate with the lab department and others to streamline activities by patient.

Your employees likely spend too much time chasing information or trying to connect. With the right technology, you can alleviate many of these pain points.

UCaaS Delivers Financial Advantages

Healthcare organizations always have concerns with costs. From small to large, there are so many expenses, especially around operations and facilities. There are savings potentials from a UCaaS solution.

If you’re currently using multiple systems for telephone, chat, online faxing, file backup and sharing, and video conferencing, then you’re likely overpaying. With UCaaS, you bundle all these things into one system and get one bill.

UCaaS platforms are very cost-effective and predictable. Currently, you might have a fluctuating phone bill, especially if you’re still using legacy phones. Consolidation equals savings!

Those savings aren’t the only ones you could eliminate. If your staff can communicate effectively in real-time, it could reduce mistakes in care coordination. Care mistakes currently cost the healthcare industry between $29.6 billion to $38.2 billion annually.

Systems Are Always Up to Date

Healthcare has many requirements around data security and sharing. Cybercriminals are constantly attempting to breach systems, and a leading way they exploit is via software that’s not updated. When you deploy UCaaS, your provider automates these updates.

Your Staff Can Be More Productive

Many healthcare organizations are under significant strain. It’s not just the clinicians but administrative personnel as well. UCaaS can help them with more efficient processes and workflows. All their tools are in one system, so they aren’t going back and forth between systems.

Collaboration is easier with UCaaS, too. For example, employees can share files securely and even work on them simultaneously through file sharing. Further, they can use the screen-sharing tool on video calls to work in real-time, regardless of where the attendees are.

Another aspect of efficiency is in integration options. UCaaS systems can often integrate with other business applications that healthcare uses, from Outlook to Oracle to CRMs.

Remote Workers Have the Same Access and Experience

In some cases, healthcare companies have workers at home. Not every person needs to be in an office, and UCaaS ensures remote employees have the same tools. They simply need an internet connection and login. UCaaS sits in the cloud, and as long as you have end-point security in place, this shouldn’t increase risk.

Remote employees can take calls from their desktop, send IMs to co-workers, and start a video call with a click.

Having work-from-wherever options also means you can recruit new team members outside your metro area. If their work isn’t location-specific, such as those who process billing or customer service reps, then you’re no longer limited by geography.

UCaaS Is Reliable

Another reason healthcare needs UCaaS is its reliability. Interruptions in service with communication and collaboration tools can be a nightmare. A platform may have all these amazing features, but none of that matters if it doesn’t work.

To ensure you choose a reliable platform, ask about the average annual uptime. Also, read reviews and look at what users are saying. If there’s a quality problem, it will be apparent.

Security Is Not a Concern with UCaaS

Security is going to be top of mind with any tools that provide communication and collaboration. There is typically a concern for highly regulated industries, but the cloud is still much safer than on-premises solutions.

The reason is that there are multiple layers of security. Those may include firewalls, encryption, and constant monitoring. When comparing products, ask about the company’s security protocols and standards. You’ll also want to check on their credentials and certifications, including HIPAA compliance.

Adding New Users Doesn’t Require IT Support

Healthcare IT teams have a lot on their plate, managing EHRs and other health information systems. When you add new users to your team, how many hoops do you have to jump through with IT? It can be a significant challenge that delays worker onboarding.

With a UCaaS solution, an administrator that doesn’t need to be an IT person can enter the new user in a few clicks. It doesn’t require IT intervention, meaning new hires can get settled in much faster.

Healthcare Needs UCaaS Solutions for the Future

Intermedia Unite delivers on all these benefits and more. It’s secure, reliable, and easy to deploy. Our strict adherence to healthcare compliance means you can trust it. You’ll enjoy award-winning support and industry-leading uptime. Additionally, it’s affordable and scalable.

Find out how it can enhance collaboration and communication for your healthcare organization. Explore Intermedia Unite today.

The Intermedia Team

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November 17, 2021

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