3 ROI-Driven White Label VoIP Reseller Programs

May 8, 2023

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Managed service providers constantly look for ways to add more value to clients and stand apart from the competition. Selling Voice over Internet Protocol phone services can be a simple way to do just that.

One study predicts that VoIP services will hold a compound annual growth rate of 13.8% over the next decade. However, since many companies now offer white-label VoIP, a reseller needs to know the best white-label VoIP reseller programs to rise above the rest.

Take a look at the three top programs and learn how you can start reselling VoIP your way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intermedia’s CORE Private Label program allows companies to promote their brand and completely own customer relationships.
  • The CORE Co-Branded program arms new and emerging businesses with the support of Intermedia branding for credibility.
  • The Intermedia Advisor program removes a load of responsibility off of sellers who lack the resources to manage a customer relationship alone. 
  • The Champions Partners program rewards resellers for their success.

An Overview of the 3 Best White-Label VoIP Reseller Programs

One name stands out when comparing all of the best white-label VoIP reseller programs in the communications industry: Intermedia. In fact, its Partner Accelerate program received five stars from CRN.

A central reason for this success is not just the top-notch reseller program but also the quality of the communications service. Recently, U.S. News & World Report ranked Intermedia as the top business phone system of 2023.

Intermedia offers three of the best reseller programs you can find.

1. CORE Private Label

The ultimate reseller program for white-label VoIP is the Private Label Customer Ownership Reseller program, or CORE for short. This setup allows a reseller to own the customer relationship completely. VoIP clients don’t see anything about Intermedia in documents or interfaces.

CORE Private Label puts the reseller front and center to fulfill billing, bundling, and support. The reseller also handles all sales and sets prices for products and services. Control over pricing lets a reseller adjust margins to boost profits or create competitive promotions.

Resellers are not on their own, though. Intermedia offers the best white-label VoIP reseller programs because of its brandable professional marketing materials. In addition, as resellers provide Level 1 technical support to customers, Intermedia backs them up with award-winning 24/7 support

Intermedia makes billing simple since it handles telecom taxes, removing the need to monitor that aspect of the business. 

Intermedia COO Jonathan McCormick mentions, “We know how to calculate all the communication taxes and fees, and we prepare all that for [partners]. That’s one of the biggest things we do for them so that they can sell unified communications and take no responsibility for telecom taxes and billing.”

2. CORE Co-Branded 

Newer and new-to-market resellers may want the support of having a connection with an established brand in a competitive market. For this circumstance, the CORE Co-Branded program is usually the best of the white-label VoIP reseller programs.

Resellers get all of the benefits of the Private Label CORE plan. However, this partnership puts the Intermedia Unite branding alongside the reseller’s to combine the power of both names and reputations. 

Resellers receive the same award-winning support, access to marketing materials, freedom to set prices, and ownership of the customer relationship. Additional services allow resellers to cobrand as they desire.

3. Advisor

The CORE program opens the door to the greatest freedom and the most profits. Still, the responsibilities of managing the customer relationship may be more than some resellers are comfortable handling at the moment.

For those who only want to sell Intermedia Unite without managing the customer relationship independently, the Intermedia Advisor model is an ideal solution. Here, the Intermedia brand is on all services and the Advisor partner only has to manage the sales process to close the deal, while Intermedia handles billing and support. When needed, Intermedia also provides sales assistance as guidance. Advisor partners receive very attractive and healthy commissions. 

This setup gives resellers who want a quick start an easy way to start earning monthly recurring commissions using one of the best white-label VoIP reseller programs. This entry-level relationship can even morph into a CORE partnership later.

Things To Look For in Any Reseller Program

Whether you’re reselling VoIP or another service, the quality of a program involves more than offering a good product. You need the backing of a provider that is a genuine partner and has a stake in your success.

Assistance With Marketing

For example, marketing has become more important for businesses as customers now have more choices. A provider-partner should offer white glove marketing and educational materials as indispensable tools that save you time and money.

Excellent Onboarding and Support

Additionally, getting a good start requires excellent onboarding and continuous support that sustains your company’s growth. The assistance can allow MSPs to transition to the cloud model without incident. Seek out providers with great technical support and onboarding.

Rewards and Incentives

The best white-label VoIP reseller programs also offer outstanding incentives. For example, Intermedia uses the Champions Program that delivers increasing benefits as resellers grow sales. 

Under Champions, basic authorized resellers get various enablement assistance and full access to a sales and marketing platform. Top performers at the Platinum level have a full suite of marketing support, training, sponsorships, and market development funds.

Intermedia: Your Partner for the Best White-Label VoIP Reseller Programs 

The best white-label VoIP reseller programs position reselling partners to deliver high-quality solutions that add value to their brands. Discover how to win by partnering with Intermedia, a provider that works for you.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

May 8, 2023

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