How To Be a Top-Notch White Label VoIP Reseller

July 5, 2023

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Reselling tech solutions is easier than ever for managed service providers. One impressive opportunity is to become a white-label VoIP reseller.

The VoIP market generates tons of revenue and continues to grow. Recent numbers put the industry’s compound annual growth rate at a healthy 10.8%.

How can you ensure you’re getting a significant piece of the pie? Review the following tips to discover how you can maximize your returns as a white-label VoIP reseller.

Key Takeaways:

  • As a white-label VoIP reseller, you’re able to sell a professional online phone service with your own branding.
  • VoIP resellers can generate additional revenue, scale more quickly at lower costs, boost client satisfaction, and access valuable assistance with sales and marketing.
  • The best white-label VoIP providers offer you total control over your business, excellent customer service, unified communications solutions, and world-class security and reliability.

Understand What a White Label VoIP Reseller Does 

White-label resellers take prepackaged goods or services and sell them as their own. “White label” means there is no preexisting branding on the product. Instead, resellers put their own branding on packaging and marketing materials.

What is VoIP? Voice over internet protocol is the top method for modern phone communications. Intelligent businesses are ditching landlines for the superior quality, security, and connectivity of phone services that operate over the web. (You may hear people refer to the service as an internet phone.)

When you put them together, a white-label VoIP reseller contracts with a communications provider to resell VoIP services to other businesses under the reseller’s name and branding. 

Typically, the reseller gains access to more than VoIP. The provider bestows a full suite of unified communications solutions to sell to end users.

Discover the Benefits of Being a White Label VoIP Reseller

You may wonder: “Why make the effort to resell VoIP services? Can’t I just send customers to someone else or directly to the communications provider?”

When you appreciate the benefits and ease with which you can start reselling white-label VoIP systems, you’ll likely wish you had started sooner.

Generating Revenue Through a New Source

Most businesses would love to discover new ways to create more revenue. White-label VoIP lets you provide an essential service to your customers that will never go away. With a ready-to-go service, you can start making money right out of the gate.

Offering More Services for a Competitive Edge

When you become a white-label VoIP reseller, you quickly add a new product to sell and stay relevant in the market. Consider the example of ImageNet Consulting, which began as a typewriter repair company almost 70 years ago.

The company has been able to thrive by keeping up with new technologies and offering related solutions that its customers need. The firm now prospers as a white-label VoIP reseller. You can, too.

Scaling Your Growth With Limited Investment

Growth is not just a matter of dollars and cents. You need to raise the estimation of your brand in the eyes of your leads and clients.

Offering a reliable communications service allows you to look like a champion. MSPs can become their clients’ one-stop shop for technology advice and problem-solving.

White labeling from an established communications expert makes it easy to deliver state-of-the-art services. Your provider rapidly upgrades the system as better tech becomes available.

Boosting Your Client Retention

You could send your clients elsewhere for VoIP. However, what if that VoIP provider is a competitor to your main product line?

In such a case, you’d have opened the door to your rivals establishing a relationship with your customers. Instead, keep customers in-house by selling them communications solutions.

Accessing Assistance With Sales and Marketing

Though you own your own brand and services as a white-label VoIP reseller, a supportive provider won’t leave you on your own. You’ll receive well-designed promotional materials that help you increase sales and improve your marketing.

Choose the Best White-Label VoIP Reseller Program

Your success as a white-label VoIP reseller significantly depends on the partner and program you choose. Use the following criteria to decide who to work with.

Is the Product Truly White-Label?

Ensure that your provider lets you have total control of your system. You are the boss and set your own prices and strategies. 

However, an excellent company will give you options for reseller programs if a completely white-label solution is too much responsibility at the moment. 

For instance, you could co-brand with your provider to benefit from their name recognition. You might also choose to be a sales agent and leave all of the hard work on your provider while you collect a commission.

Do They Offer Outstanding Support?

No technology is perfect. When challenges arise for you or your customers, you need to have confidence that your provider has your back.

Check that your prospective provider has round-the-clock assistance for you and your customers. Verify that dashboards and billing features are accessible and user-friendly for you as the white-label VoIP reseller.

Top-rated providers also encourage your expansion. An appreciative partner provides bonuses and rewards for succeeding as a reseller and growing sales.

Do They Provide a Full Range of Unified Communications Features?

The best VoIP solutions are part of unified communications as a service. UCaaS puts voice calls, video, texting, email, faxes, and much more into one service.

As a premier white-label VoIP reseller, your customers won’t have to pull together advanced communications features from different companies. Whether you want to offer an internal public branch exchange or software for a full-fledged contact center, an excellent VoIP solution has it all.

Do They Maintain Superior Security and Reliability?

Your customers need confidence that all their communications stay private. Your communications service must be able to demonstrate that it can keep data secure and meet compliance for users worldwide.

Also, downtime should not be a concern. Settle for nothing less than 99.999% uptime, which equates to only a few minutes of connectivity issues a year from your provider’s end.

Find Out Why Intermedia Has the Top White-Label VoIP Reseller Programs

As a white-label VoIP reseller, you can control your own destiny as a technology services provider. Intermedia makes sure that you have the tools and support you need to be a success. Contact us to discover which partnership model is right for you.


Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

July 5, 2023

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