10 Ways White-Label VoIP Can Work for Your Business

August 8, 2023

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As a tech services provider, you’re constantly searching for ways to give more value to your customers in a manner that minimizes risk and maximizes profits. Have you considered white labeling voice over internet protocol systems?

White-label VoIP has so many advantages for you and your clients that it’s difficult to list them all in one spot. All of those benefits are why so many businesses like yours are getting in on the market. 

In fact, the VoIP market looks to quadruple over the next decade, making this reselling option a safe bet for generating revenue. Find out the numerous ways white-label VoIP can enhance your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reselling VoIP works for you by generating new high-margin revenue streams through a reliable service.
  • White labeling also helps you keep your customers and rapidly scale while accessing expert onboarding, support, and back-office functions.
  • White-label VoIP helps you promote your brand better than selling on commission or sending clients to other vendors.

1. Create New Revenue Streams With White-Label VoIP.

Market shifts happen more quickly than ever. Yesterday’s reliable source of profit can go stagnant with changing consumer demands or circumstances. Adding white-label VoIP to your portfolio is an easy way to attract reliable sales and monthly recurring revenue. 

In simple terms, white labeling means taking an existing service and selling it under your own brand name. VoIP is the top-of-the-line modern method for providing voice and other communications with low overhead.

Since communications are foundational to conducting commerce, VoIP and related technologies will always be in demand. You can get in on the action and access a valuable revenue stream by becoming a reseller.

2. Maintain Ownership of Your Customers 

If you don’t have phone services as part of a service package, you’ll have to send your clients to someone else to cover that necessity. As a result, you might be funneling them right to your direct competitors that do offer communications solutions.

With white-label VoIP, you can avoid forwarding your customers to vendors that could be rivals. Instead, your clients stick with you as a reliable consultant for their technology requirements.

3. Offer Superior Technology

Many companies are already taking advantage of VoIP for unified communications that deliver omnichannel internal and external conversations. However, adoption is still not universal.

You can help your clients still using cumbersome and costly traditional phone systems to upgrade to white-label VoIP. The value you provide will be a positive boost to your brand.

4. Quickly Turn High Profits

You have critical decisions to make about how to offer a new service. There are three basic options to choose between:

  1. You can build the product or service yourself from the ground up.
  2. You can sell someone else’s product or service on commission.
  3. You can provide white-label VoIP under your own brand name.

White labeling has the advantage of allowing you to provide an established service, letting you avoid the time, expense, and risk of creating a product on your own. 

Plus, commission sales restrict your earnings to what the provider dictates. White-label VoIP lets you set your own prices for healthy margins and predictable monthly recurring income.

5. Access a User-Friendly Back Office

With a new service, you need effective administrative tools to manage that offering for your clients. In other words, you not only have to create a new product, but you also have to design operations to support the new addition.

White-label VoIP can offer necessary administrative functions ready to go in an easy-to-use dashboard. This functionality makes caring for your customers straightforward and saves you time. 

For example, integrated billing simplifies and secures things with a single solution for managing invoices and processing payments.

6. Get Excellent Onboarding and Training Anywhere

New products and systems require hands-on assistance from a provider who wants to see you succeed. Fortunately, white-label VoIP runs on hosted software. That means you don’t need in-person technicians to set anything up.

Since your provider is an expert in online omnichannel communications, training and onboarding will be as good as (or probably better than) classroom instruction. 

7. Have Outstanding 24/7 Assistance To Enhance Your Customer Support

Once you’re on your feet, you are the frontline of technical support for your clients. Still, your provider is the one behind the scenes handling the “nuts and bolts” of your white-label VoIP system.

If technical issues arise, you can turn to the round-the-clock assistance of your provider to get clear answers on how to resolve issues for your customers. This professional guidance means you can offer top-notch support with confidence.

8. Scale Your Business Quickly

White-label VoIP gives you one of the easiest ways to get into new markets when you want to scale. You can immediately cater to a growing client base and keep your brand image front and center.

9. Benefit From Excellent Reliability

Downtime is detrimental to any business, leading to missed deadlines, lost profits, and dissatisfied clients. The loss of connectivity, however brief, hurts your customers’ reputation and yours.

White-label VoIP saves you from trying to crack the code of how to deliver reliable communications solutions. Unified communications easily transfer calls to other online devices when end users have outages.

Additionally, top providers have multiple data centers in distinct locations to back up and secure all information that runs through the servers. You can have total peace of mind knowing that you’re delivering a dependable solution.

10. Receive the Ultimate Branding Support

The ultimate advantage of a white-labeling solution is the fact that your brand takes center stage. You won’t have to create product and promotional materials all alone, though.

With white-label VoIP, your provider can supply ready-made brochures and flyers that are easy to customize. Also, co-branding allows you to mention your vendor on materials if you want the strength of its name to give you additional credibility in the market.

Get a Free White-Label VoIP Demo From Intermedia 

White-label VoIP services deliver tons of upside with minimal risk. If you’re on the fence about trying them out, you don’t need to wonder anymore. 

See how easy it is to start making white-label VoIP work for you. Contact the Intermedia team for a demo of our award-winning Unite and Contact Center reseller partner programs.

Rob Gold

August 8, 2023

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