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October 12, 2023

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Do you want your growing company to look more credible and attentive to customers? Then you need a business phone number!

For 30 years, Intermedia has helped over 135,000 companies connect better with a robust portfolio of communications solutions. Discover how to get a business phone number today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Companies of all sizes need a work phone number to maintain a professional presence in the market and service their customers’ needs efficiently.
  • Your business phone service can include toll-free, local, vanity, and international phone numbers.
  • A company phone number gives you access to advanced features, such as call recording, auto attendants, and call forwarding.
  • Get a reliable phone service by working with an industry-leading provider with award-winning support and top-of-the-line security.

What Is a Business Phone Number?

A business phone number is a dedicated line where customers, vendors, and partners can reach your organization. This connection allows you to safeguard your personal phone number and keep a healthy work-life balance.

Modern business phone services now rely on Voice over Internet Protocol technology instead of outdated landlines. VoIP allows you to have a team business line available anywhere, not just at your office location. These business lines help you keep things secure and establish your brand.

What Are the Different Types of Business Phone Numbers?

Business numbers are not one-size-fits-all. Depending on your needs, you can determine which of the following phone numbers for businesses suits your situation.

Toll-Free Numbers

If you’re ready to have an expansive reach across various states or the country, toll-free numbers are a good choice. The reason is that landline customers can reach you at no cost. Plus, toll-free numbers are a sign of an established company and a great form of marketing.

Local Phone Numbers

A local presence can be invaluable in specific industries. For example, a florist or a catering business may want to show that they are a homegrown solution that is more personal than national companies. You can select a business phone number from different area codes around the country, whether you have a branch there or not.

Vanity Numbers

Have you seen those phone numbers that are easy to remember because the digits represent something about the brand or the keypad letters spell out the company’s name? These vanity numbers are also top-notch marketing, and are worth grabbing when available.

International Phone Numbers

Your business presence doesn’t have to be limited to the United States. You can attract overseas clients with an international phone number at competitive rates.

What Are the Benefits of Having Dedicated Company Phone Numbers?

When prospects and customers are ready to engage with you, they’ll more often than not reach for the phone. While a website and an email address are still essential, studies find that 60% of customers prefer to contact local businesses by phone numbers.

A major reason for having a business phone number is to reassure people that you’re a legitimate company with real people. Additionally, customers often believe that phone calls are a faster way to troubleshoot or resolve issues.

Still, a growing number of people desire access to other forms of contact as well. If you stick with a traditional analog phone setup, you’ll have to use other services and spend more to access text messages, faxes, and email integration.

Even more difficult would be setting up an on-premise private branch exchange to connect your team. Such systems are complex, expensive, and difficult to integrate with remote or mobile workers.

With Intermedia’s assistance, you can set up a VoIP line and be fully functional by the end of the day. Additionally, your lines are available anywhere through a variety of devices for remote and hybrid work.

Plus, because all company conversations occur within your communications solutions, you can ensure that matters remain secure and accessible. You can’t get that security or compliance when employees use their private phones for professional communications.

How Do You Get Business Phone Lines?

It might surprise you how easy it is to get a business phone number. You don’t even need a technician to show up at your location!

With the following three steps, you can have your own phone number for business.

1. Select a Provider

The quality of your business phone service depends on your communications provider. Contract with a company that appreciates teamwork and transparency.

For example, Intermedia insists on keeping our team accountable for giving you top-tier service and has helped thousands of organizations since 1993. With award-winning onboarding, support, and reliability, you can trust our brand to provide you with a cost-effective business phone line.

2. Buy a Phone Number

Work with a representative to determine which types of the previously mentioned business phone numbers you need. If you have an existing number, porting it to work with your new vendor is straightforward and quick.

3. Set Up Extensions and Other Features

If you have team members, you can give each one an extension on your business phone number so that callers can reach them specifically. Don’t worry about getting it exactly right the first time. With your user-friendly admin portal, you can add or change extensions and features later.

Additionally, you might still decide to set up different extensions as a one-person operation. If you create unique extensions for different departments, you can determine caller intent as soon as you answer.

Which Intermedia Solutions Are Available With Your New Business Phone Number?

Intermedia’s standard features far surpass anything you can get with a traditional phone line. Check out what capabilities you gain with Unite.

Automated Attendant With Call Routing

For starters, you won’t need a receptionist working around the clock to receive your callers. An automated system accepts and routes incoming calls to the appropriate party.

You have the choice to record the greetings yourself or use someone else’s pleasant voice, including that of a professional voiceover artist. You could also have a lifelike automated text-to-voice system read the inputs for your business phone number.

Call Forwarding

No one on your team has to stick to a single location to get their calls. Softphone capabilities mean that any device with an internet connection and your provider’s app can receive company phone calls.

Team members can customize which devices ring at different times of the day or under specific circumstances. Phones can also ring all at once or proceed through different devices until they reach the recipient. Your employees can even switch devices to take calls on the move.

Hold Music

Show off your brand personality and put callers at ease with your custom hold music. You could also decide to play messages, such as hot new promotions or critical updates and alerts.

Caller Recording

Automatically monitor and track conversations for industry compliance and internal training. You can set up rules to capture all conversations on your business phone number, or only the ones your team wishes to capture at the moment.

Call Screening

Reduce the number of spammers and misdials with call screening. Have callers identify themselves, and opt to send certain parties to voicemail. You can also block specific numbers.

Why Purchase Work Phone Numbers Through Intermedia?

Discover why Intermedia has been an industry leader for three decades in providing phone numbers for businesses of all sizes.

Worry-Free Installation

Whether you’re setting up a brand new phone line or migrating your system from another provider, Intermedia helps you get started with no additional technical costs. Within a day, you can have a complete business phone number solution ready to go.

The Convenience of the Cloud

You won’t have to worry about your phone system when you’re deciding how to expand your company or transfer to a new location. With VoIP services that work anywhere you have an internet connection, you have the ultimate flexibility and mobility in communications.

Award-Winning Support

Intermedia’s team insists on exceptional technical support, which is why J.D. Power and Associates have certified our team seven years straight for providing an outstanding customer experience. Receive around-the-clock support with service that focuses on quick and quality resolutions.

State-of-the-Art Security

To have a trustworthy name in the market, you have to be sure that your data and that of your customers are totally secure. Count on our data centers with multiple redundancies to protect and back up your files, as well as on the best frameworks and compliance rules to meet regulations for any industry.

Industry-Leading Reliability

From the time your business phone number is operational, you can count on no more than a few minutes of downtime in a year, if any at all. Our 99.999% availability is among the best in the field, and we guarantee it by compensating you for anything less.

Business-Focused Capabilities

Take advantage of more than just voice calling with our omnichannel cloud-based features, such as texting, faxing, messaging, emailing, and video conferencing. Boost productivity with software integrations that help your team stay connected and deliver top-tier service.

What Are Intermedia Unite’s Phone and Business Communication Plan Pricing?

You have two solid choices for your business phone with Unite: the comprehensive Pro plan or the supercharged Enterprise level.

Unite Pro

At $27.99 per line, Unite Pro delivers everything you need in a business phone line. Top features include:

  • Unlimited domestic calling from your business phone number
  • Business SMS and team messaging
  • HD conferencing with 100 participants for video and 200 participants for audio
  • Envision interaction analytics for calls
  • Integrations with popular Microsoft and Google apps, plus APIs to connect to your favorite software

You also get seamless contact center integration with call queuing, advanced hunt groups, and agent reports.

Unite Enterprise

For just $32.99 a line, you can have everything you get from Unite Pro, plus:

  • 200 GB of file backup
  • A Microsoft Exchange mailbox
  • HD video conferencing with screen-sharing for 200 participants
  • Even more integrations for Salesforce, Service Now, NetSuite, and MS Dynamics
  • Additional supervisory functions for your contact center

With either plan, promotional deals are periodically available for a free device or for an instant rebate with your subscription.

Business Phone Number Service Questions

Should I Have a Separate Phone Number for Business?

Every company should have a dedicated business phone number. When team members use their personal phones for business, communications are difficult to coordinate and out of your control. That situation can lead to issues with compliance or data protection.

Furthermore, you will have a harder time accessing conversations and contacts if an employee goes on leave. Fortunately, setting up a business phone line is easier than ever with Intermedia.

Can You Pick a Business Phone Number?

You can set up a vanity phone number that you choose with Intermedia. If the number is available, our service allows you to have the number for a small additional fee.

How Do I Know if a Phone Number Is Available?

You can check online listings on your own to determine if a business phone number is available. You can also ask for an Intermedia representative to help you during setup, and the team will alert you to whether the number is available.

Can I Transfer My Existing Phone Numbers to Intermedia?

Absolutely! Use our Number Porting Wizard to schedule the date to move your current numbers over the Intermedia network. Submit a request and follow a few steps to keep your number.

Can I Get a Professional Voice Recording for My Business?

Indeed! Intermedia partners with Thanks For Holding and VoiceStudio Pro to record custom greetings. These services offer special rates for Intermedia customers and also provide custom hold music.

Can I Have a Business Phone Number on My Cell Phone?

Yes! Connecting your business line to your cell phone is easier than ever. Your business line is available on any smart device that has speakers, a microphone, and the Intermedia Unite app. As long as you’re online, you can make and receive business calls.

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Get a Phone Number for Your Business Today With Intermedia

Are you ready for an easy-to-use business phone solution that gives you access to wherever, whenever communications? Then talk to our team at Intermedia to set up your own business phone number today!

The Intermedia Team

Intermedia helps over 135,000 businesses connect better – through voice, video conferencing, chat, contact center, business email and productivity, file sharing and backup, security, archiving, and more – from wherever, whenever. And, as a partner-first company, Intermedia goes to work for over 7,300 channel partners to help them grow their revenue and maximize their success.

October 12, 2023

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