Small Business Phone Service Line Solutions

As a small business owner, you need communications services with many features and dependable, uncomplicated solutions. Without a reliable business phone system, your company will struggle.

For example, micro-outages can be financially devastating. One report found that just a single minute of downtime can cost you $427. That’s over $25,000 per hour!

Fortunately, you can quickly resolve your business phone concerns with Intermedia, the best small business phone service. Find out how our small business phone services can help you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intermedia’s cloud-based solutions offer full access to your company’s communications wherever and whenever you want.
  • Advanced features boost your productivity so you can keep generating revenue.
  • Reputable brands across all industries rely on cloud-based business phone lines for worry-free service.

Wherever, Whenever Small Business Phone Service

Intermedia provides peak business phone connectivity with the following features anywhere you have a stable internet connection.

SMS Messaging

Your customers can conveniently text message your business for improved engagement and outreach. Business messaging also lets you personalize how you tag conversations and streamline notifications for efficiency.


Easily access your voicemail from any smart device. Receive transcribed messages for flexibility and easy archiving.

Software Integrations

Connect your communications to your everyday business applications to boost productivity without a large investment in additional software. You won’t require any heavy training or implementation costs to sync everything.

Auto Attendants

Set up an interactive voice response in minutes with Easy-IVR. You’ll cut down on wait times and improve the customer experience from the moment callers reach out to you on your business phone line.

Phones Anywhere With Unified Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology means that anywhere you’re online, you’re conveniently at your office phone. Use desktop and mobile apps to quickly connect from a smart device and connect legacy landlines to your system with SIP trunking.

Video Conferencing

Benefit from powerful video conferencing with no lag and ironclad security. Connect with dozens of others and enjoy enhanced interactions with branding, note-taking, recording, and analytical insight features.

Call Forwarding, Recording, and Routing

Reduce your concerns about dropped calls or customers sitting endlessly on hold. Omnichannel routing lets you ensure your top clients connect quickly to someone who can resolve their issues. Forwarding to other departments is easier than ever, and automatic recording backs up your calls for compliance and training purposes.

Customer Support

Your business phone service with Intermedia also has whenever, wherever support. Our agents have all-hours availability and a passion for customer satisfaction to keep your system worry-free.

International Calling

Do business overseas without breaking the bank with competitive international calling rates. Easily expand your market and your revenue streams.

Advanced Features in One Simple System

You don’t have to work with multiple vendors to complete your communications setup. Intermedia’s small business phone services connect the top features you need in one easy-to-use solution.

You’ll appreciate the following integrations and features:

Also, if you run a contact center, you don’t have to find a service from another vendor. Your team will have a unified communications solution that makes connecting internal and external business phone lines painless.

Trusted By Leading Brands

Intermedia meets the needs of companies across all industries as a convenient and secure phone service for business. Consider a few happy customers.

CMLS Financial

“We found that Intermedia’s cloud-based solution provided us more autonomy and flexibility…. We’re all happy using it.” — Tara Somerset, Managing Director, Residential Servicing

Envita Medical Centers 

“Even though someone may not physically be here, the communication remains very good, and that results in the business growing — in our case, being able to take good care of patients.” — Brian Harrison, President

GKD Metal Fabrics

“The transition was seamless…. We haven’t needed much support, but when we have, they’ve resolved the issue quickly.” — Eric Conrad, Network Administrator

F. C. Tucker Realtors

“I can’t say enough about the implementation team. They were there every step of the way, teaching us how the system works, training users, and showing us different configurations.” — Nadeem Muhammed, Senior VP of Digital Marketing & Technologies

San Jose Earthquakes Soccer Club

“The Unite platform is an incredible tool to keep the management team and all Quakes employees aligned in their work streams and communications.” — Jared Shawlee, President

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Small Business Phone Solutions Tailored to Every Industry

As the comments above show, Intermedia is an ideal small business phone service for every industry. Even highly regulated fields with extra concerns about confidentiality and security can rely on our small business phone solutions.

Legal Services

Law firms can maintain secure and trackable client interactions without missing a call. Integration with billing platforms makes invoicing much simpler.

Financial Services

Cloud-based small business phones from Intermedia hold to the highest compliance standards while offering versatility for five-star service in your financial firm. Self-service options allow clients to access routine account information for greater efficiency.

Health Care

Medical professionals can benefit from contact center functionality to efficiently answer calls and get patients to the proper resources. EHR integrations also increase engagement and the patient experience.

Easy and Worry-Free

Small Business Phone Systems FAQ

What Is a Business Communication Phone System?

A modern business communication phone system uses VoIP to operate your phone line through the internet. The system simplifies connecting team members with each other and clients.

What Are the Benefits of Business Communication Systems?

Business communication systems allow you to connect better with clients and prospects and avoid missed opportunities. Your company appears more professional with a small business phone line, and you can increase your employees’ productivity.

How Much Does a Phone System Cost for a Small Business?

A small business phone system with Intermedia starts at $27.99 per line. However, you can add features that will adjust the cost but help you become more productive and generate additional revenue.

What Should I Look For in a Small Business Phone System?

A small business phone system provider should offer internet-based connectivity, top-rated support, and advanced features. For those reasons, Intermedia remains an industry-leading small business phone provider.

How Do I Set Up a Small Business Phone System?

You can easily set up your phone system by contacting your provider to activate an account. Usually, your service is available on the same day, and you can add or modify features quickly with an administrative dashboard in an app.

Build Your Small Business Phone System With Intermedia

Intermedia has everything you need for a small business phone system that opens the door to peak productivity and profitability. Talk to us today about building your customized communications solution!


The Intermedia Team

Intermedia helps over 135,000 businesses connect better – through voice, video conferencing, chat, contact center, business email and productivity, file sharing and backup, security, archiving, and more – from wherever, whenever. And, as a partner-first company, Intermedia goes to work for over 7,300 channel partners to help them grow their revenue and maximize their success.