Can a VoIP Contact Center Work for Your Business?

February 8, 2024

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Smart businesses are always looking for ways to improve their customer communications. That includes how you can enhance your contact center with new tools and technologies.

Case in point, a global survey by Metrigy uncovered that over 80% of companies have undertaken, planned, or are executing a customer experience transformation. These efforts include using new and existing technologies to boost the agent and CX for positive business value.

Did you know that Voice over Internet Protocol can help you do just that? Here, we’ll reveal how a VoIP contact center can work for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • VoIP-based contact centers are virtual systems that allow you to operate and manage customer communications through the internet.
  • With a VoIP contact center, you can oversee a customer support and service team for inbound communications or manage a sales or outreach team for outbound communications.
  • VoIP contact centers let you access features for a better customer experience, stronger security, greater reliability, and unlimited growth.

How a VoIP Contact Center Works

When you need to make a large amount of outgoing calls or receive many incoming calls, your business requires a VoIP contact center. Is that the same as a regular call center?

On the contrary, traditional call centers have quickly become yesterday’s news. They simply can’t keep up with the modern expectations for customer experience because they rely upon in-house teams and equipment in a single location. 

VoIP contact centers operate over the web, so your agents and supervisors can work anywhere using a contact center as a service software. VoIP-based CCaaS also allows an unlimited number of agents. With digital services, you can set up and manage as many of these virtual lines as your company needs. 

Why Organizations Are Switching to VoIP Contact Centers and Why You Should Too

A VoIP contact center outperforms a traditional call center every time. Discover more advantages.

Better CX

VoIP also means that your phone software integrates with other media channels for omnichannel customer service. Your team can connect with customers through their preferred channels and switch between media as the customer sees fit. 

For instance, a customer might start a support request through web chat with an automated bot on your website. If the issue is too complex for the AI to handle, the ticket can escalate to a human agent using web chat, email, or instant messaging. 

The situation might require even more in-depth assistance, and a phone or video call could be necessary. Instead of the customer working with a different team on each channel and constantly repeating the details of the problem, the assistance occurs as one seamless conversation across channels and agents. 

This functionality enables agents to solve issues more quickly and efficiently. Consequently, customers and employees 

Stronger Security and Greater Reliability

The right VoIP contact center immediately makes your operation more secure and reliable. First, your department is no longer dependent solely on the equipment at your location. An outage or a technical issue can knock out an on-premise call center indefinitely. Then, you’re stuck waiting for someone to fix your system.

Your VoIP contact center’s hardware sits at secure off-site data centers with robust security and backup solutions. Even if one data center goes down, your service rolls over to another to keep your contact center operating. That level of backup means you’ll have less than a minute of potential downtime each month.

A cloud-based setup also means your vendor exercises continual vigilance over your security. Trustworthy individuals guard the physical location while experts utilize software to protect you digitally. Constant protection gives you worry-free security, 24/7.

Unlimited Growth and Flexibility

Your contact center has to grow as you do. With a VoIP-based system, you can add lines, adjust permissions, and enable new features as you need them. 

Plus, the subscription model means you don’t have to purchase a new software version to access the latest features. Cloud-based service offers access to the innovative tools you need to meet customer demand.

Features That Enable the Peak VoIP Contact Center Experience

With a VoIP contact center, you can get many outstanding features that boost productivity and enhance CX.

Interactive Voice Response and Automatic Call Distribution

Quickly set up an automated phone menu for callers so they can get to the right person or department quickly with IVR. Then, ACD distributes calls to the appropriate agents with intelligent routing. You can create rules that forward calls by available agent, skillset, and business hours.

Easy Call Recording, Monitoring, and Transfers

Easily record customer interactions on your system and archive them for training and quality assurance purposes. Supervisors can easily listen to agents’ calls from anywhere and offer coaching that customers can’t hear by using the whisper function. 

Transferring calls no longer requires inputting a confusing sequence of digits and going through numerous extensions to find someone for help. Agents use the app to discover which team members are available, and the app makes transferring and conferencing smooth.

CRM Integration

Your customer relationship management software works hand in hand with a top-rated VoIP contact center. By combining both software, you can speed up data collection and retrieval for quicker support resolutions or for closing sales calls.

Advanced Dashboards and Reports

You’ll always know how your team is doing with AI-assisted analytics. For example, you can see the sentiments behind any call with a customer and dig into important statistics, including call times, hold times, and first-contact resolution rates. Intuitive dashboards help your managers parse the information and determine the best next steps for training.

Clearly, your VoIP contact center works hard for you, enabling you to offer the best CX you can for a stronger brand.

Find Out Why Thousands of Businesses Choose Intermedia’s VoIP Contact Center 

Now that you understand why you need a VoIP contact center, all you have to do is set yours up. With Intermedia’s help, the process couldn’t be easier. Talk to one of our team members to pick your plan and features.

Rob Oscanyan

Rob is Director for Product Marketing for Contact Center as a Service here at Intermedia.

February 8, 2024

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