Does Your Business Need Cloud Phone Services?

May 9, 2023

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As a business leader, you have to be sure that each cost and commitment has a positive return on investment. For example, you may wonder if cloud phone services are worth the time and expense. 

Remember that customers judge businesses on the quality of the customer experience, which often occurs over the phone. As a result, your communications system is often central to the success of your company. 

Learn how cloud phone services can help you enhance your business and what features are vital.

Key Takeaways:

  • A cloud phone service operates your voice, video, and text communications through the internet.
  • Companies acquire cloud phone services to become more competitive, ensure compliance, boost productivity, and enhance security.
  • Cloud phone systems are less expensive, easier to install, and more flexible than traditional phone systems.
  • All cloud phone services are not equal, so you should look for one with a full suite of features that improve your business.

What Do Cloud Phone Services Do?

Cloud phone services allow people to make calls over the internet by using a data center that the provider hosts off-site. Users don’t need traditional phone lines or equipment for cloud-hosted services.

Unified Communications as a Service puts multiple communications tools on a single platform. Your company can have talk, text, and video communications through one service and integrate those channels with other business software.

When Does a Company Need Cloud Phone Services?

Your company needs to consider cloud phone services if you want to be more competitive. UCaaS allows enhanced customer service because you can respond quickly through multiple points of contact while maintaining consistency.

Unified communications offer other benefits as well. Consider subscribing to cloud-hosted phone services in the following cases:

  • Your business model relies on communicating with employees and customers, and you want to see long-term savings.
  • You need to ensure compliance with industry regulations or data collection laws, and you don’t have the technical infrastructure and personnel to handle it on your own.
  • You have access to reliable high-speed internet and want higher call quality than traditional phones.
  • You want to boost your team’s productivity.
  • You need inexpensive backup solutions for communications and data storage.

Cloud phone services have so many benefits that most companies are better off using them in place of traditional phone services.

Why Are Cloud Phone Services Better Than Traditional Phone Lines?

Cloud phone services are the next evolution in professional communications and have numerous advantages over analog phone systems.

Less Expensive

Small and medium-sized business owners may delay investing in cloud phone services due to concerns about cost. However, most companies that install or switch to a hosted cloud system see savings quickly.

With cloud phones, a business avoids the cost of installing on-site private branch exchanges and hardware. Team members can use their own internet-connected devices to run the communications application.

Easier Installation and Maintenance

Not only is the cost of traditional on-site phone systems prohibitive, but the equipment and installation requirements are also extensive. Technicians must install physical phone lines to connect departments and connect those departments to outside lines.

On the other hand, setting up cloud phone services can be as easy as installing an app on your devices. The provider hosts all the necessary hardware at their location, and you only need an internet connection to take advantage of it.

Additionally, installation off-site offers better security at a lower cost because the provider can monitor your communications data centers at all times. A top provider such as Intermedia is also ready to offer you full-time support.

More Flexibility

A traditional phone system complicates working from another location or implementing remote and hybrid work. Cloud phone services only need an internet connection. An employee can connect from anywhere as easily as working on location and have complete and secure internal company access.

Cloud phones also permit you to move your entire operation without concerns about the costs of a PBX transfer and re-installation. You enjoy a complete phone service literally from anywhere in the world.

What Features Should You Look For in a Cloud Phone Service Provider?

A cloud phone service requires critical features to provide you with full mobility and productivity. Look for the following attributes from a communications provider.

Simple Administration

You shouldn’t have to be a communications expert to make adjustments to your phone system. A top communications provider offers a user-friendly interface that makes adjusting rules and policies easy. You can add lines, change numbers, and manage other features from anywhere through an app.

Integrated Omnichannel Communications

Cloud phone services should allow you to communicate with others through various channels seamlessly. A reputable UCaaS provider such as Intermedia ensures you can continue conversations across devices and channels.

Companies that have or plan on having a contact center to assist customers should be sure that internal and external communications systems work together well to boost productivity and the customer experience.


Your communications contain valuable data that you can refer back to for sales, marketing, training, and legal purposes. Robust unified communications give you easy access to the details in written and audio interactions so you don’t lose precious information.

Automatic Call Distribution and Interactive Voice Response

With ACD and IVR, your cloud phone services can remove much of your workload and help you be more available. IVR allows callers to handle basic inquiries and manage accounts on their own with an automated attendant that responds to voice or numeric inputs. 

ACD steps up when callers need to reach a human by using responses and your predetermined rules to forward calls to the right person. You’ll save time and make customers happier.

Full-Time Support

When you have challenges, you want to be sure your phone provider doesn’t delay and cost you valuable time and money. Round-the-clock support is critical when you remote team members in multiple time zones. 

How Can You Install Cloud Phone Services Quickly and Painlessly?

Cloud phone services offer businesses a cost-effective solution to all of their communication needs. Contact Intermedia to find out how you can communicate how you want, wherever you are.

Mariel Santos

Mariel Santos is the Director of Marketing Communications at Intermedia

May 9, 2023

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