Intelligent Voice: 4 Smart Applications for Businesses

December 15, 2022

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Technology keeps making everything smarter, and you can now apply it to audio to transcribe and analyze speech. The process is called intelligent voice, and such a feature within a unified communications (UC) platform can benefit your business.

In this post, you’ll learn what intelligent voice is, ways to apply it in your organization, and the benefits it can deliver.

What Is Intelligent Voice?

Voice transcription and analysis is one more way that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the business landscape. Businesses use it to achieve efficiencies and boost productivity. Research states that 61 percent of employees say AI improves their productivity. Intelligent voice can do that and more.

Intelligent voice uses AI technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing (NPL), and speech recognition. The product of this is the ability to analyze calls, virtual voicemails, and other digital conversations. Here’s how these technologies deliver this intelligence.

Machine Learning

Voice intelligence is constantly “learning” and improving based on ingesting of data. As a result, the system becomes more accurate and improves the processing of conversations.


NLP is a technology that enables a computer to “understand” human conversation. With NLP, voice intelligence can process business conversations. Find out what intelligent voice is and its applications for business. Voice intelligence helps analyze audio for insights and more., producing transcripts that capture language’s subtleties.

Speech Recognition

This capability facilitates the recognition of specific voices. This identification makes it easier to dissect and analyze the conversation.

Its most common use is for optimizing contact center interactions so that a company can gather customer insights, understand agent performance, receive product feedback, and increase the productivity of employees. So, what can you do with this powerful technology?

Applying Intelligent Voice to Your Business

Data, in general, is of high value to any organization. Unlocking what it means can provide many advantages because it’s business intelligence. Here are all the smart ways to apply it in your company.

Automatic Transcriptions

Intelligent voice creates transcriptions for internal and customer calls automatically. You’ll no longer have to do this manually, saving time and resources. You can use these transcriptions in several ways:

  • Transcriptions can support the hearing impaired, so they can review the conversation notes after the call.
  • Sales can review conversations with prospects or customers and identify the key points and questions of the interaction.
  • After internal meetings, transcriptions can clarify discussions and serve as a summary with action items for each party.
  • You can search transcripts for specific phrases, numbers, or quotes.
  • Analysis of customer transcripts can be instrumental for marketing to understand customer needs and expectations.

Easy Record Keeping for Compliance

In certain industries, you must preserve conversations within your organization for compliance reasons. Intelligent voice keeps these records as an audio file and a transcript. If needed, you can then locate conversations with search should you incur an audit.

Monitoring Agent Performance and Identifying Coaching and Upskilling Needs

Intelligent voice allows contact center supervisors to evaluate agent performance at scale. With each conversation searchable, they can pinpoint trends that occur during interactions that go south. From this, supervisors could determine which agents may need additional coaching or upskilling to handle such calls. Additionally, supervisors can zero in on positive interactions and share those as best practices.

Meaningful Insights from Customer Conversations with Interaction Analytics

Hearing directly from the source (your customers) offers so many possibilities. Without voice intelligence, you may never gather these insights at scale. Your contact center supervisors don’t have the time or capacity to listen to every call. With AI-powered interaction analytics, they’ll never need to do this.

To unlock the value of customer feedback, your solution should:

  • Enable and collect the transcriptions of customer calls.
  • Transcribe entire conversations with speech-to-text.
  • Assess every transcription to determine the sentiment of the conversation, which could be positive, negative, or neutral, and tag it as such.
  • Include the ability to search conversations and filter by sentiment, keywords, agents, and more.

With the ability to do those things comes the ability to improve:

  • Customer retention: For example, you could search for words related to a customer canceling service or subscriptions. You could then evaluate these interactions to understand why and improve the customer experience.
  • Product features: Companies are always seeking to enhance their products, and the responses from customers may highlight where it’s falling short. You can search for terms that indicate a product issue and then deliver that information to product managers as they work on upgrades.
  • Selling strategies: Recording conversations with prospects will allow for a debrief on what was positive or negative. This information could determine the best practices for selling so that leaders can coach others toward these methods.
  • Marketing opportunities: Marketers can use this intelligence to understand their audience better to develop relevant content and assets.

Intelligent Voice Is a Smart Investment for Any Business

Modernizing your operations and collecting more data is critical to your company’s long-term growth and success. By adding this powerful feature to your UC and contact center platform, it can provide actionable data to enhance and improve many aspects of your business. Thus, it’s a smart investment with a strong ROI as you apply it to multiple interactions.

You can learn more about how such technology works and all the advantages it provides by reading our post on interaction analytics.

Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia

December 15, 2022

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